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Aqua One ChemiCarb - Carbon 1.2kg

Aqua One ChemiCarb - Carbon 1.2kg

Brand: Aqua One
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Aqua One ChemiCarb - Carbon 1.2kg

  • Includes netting bag
  • Creates crystal clear water
  • For freshwater use only


  • dissolved organics
  • medications after use
  • tannins leached from driftwood
  • toxins from your aquarium water

Aqua One carbon has no phosphates, is suitable for freshwater only, and can be used with all filters.

How does Aqua One ChemiCarb work?
Aqua One Carbon is an ideal way to remove dissolved organics and waste from your aquarium water. Carbon has microscopic pores that absorb minute particles held in suspension in your aquarium water. As the water passes through carbon, the carbon "traps" the minute waste particles in its pores, and consequently removes them from the water.

Why is it important to replace your Carbon in your filter?
The microscopic pores in the carbon can actually be filled up. Once they are, they begin overflowing and release all the waste previously collected back into your aquarium. It is therefore essential you remove the carbon once it has been used. We recommend after 6-8 weeks the carbon should be removed, and disposed of carefully.

How often should I use Carbon?
Carbon can be used all the time. It should be used in our filter and disposed of after 6-8 weeks in order to avoid waste being released back into your aquarium.

How else can Aqua One Carbon be useful?
Carbon can be used to remove residual medications, tannins released from driftwood, and as a supplement to any other form of chemical and biological filtration you might be using in your filter.

Set Up instructions
Aqua One Carbon should be rinsed in aquarium water before you place it in your filter. Simply remove a small amount of water from your aquarium, rinse the carbon and place it in your filter.

Carbon will absorb some useful elements and additives you may have added to your aquarium water. This includes medications that may have been added to treat sick aquatic animals. Please remove any carbon before you medicate your tank. Once your aquatic animals are well, you can use carbon to remove any surplus medications.

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