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Boyd Enterprises Chemi-Pure Blue Nano 110g - 5 Pack of 22g

Boyd Enterprises Chemi-Pure Blue Nano 110g - 5 Pack of 22g

Brand: Boyd Enterprises
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Boyd Enterprises Chemi-Pure Blue Nano 5 Pack (110g Net, 22g Each)

Chemi-Pure Blue is the ultimate all-in-one marine aquarium filtration media in an easy-to-use nylon bag that offers superior filtration and fantastic results in even the most advanced marine reef aquarium systems. Chemi-Pure Blue combines the highest grade of low dust palletised activated carbon with premium ion exchange resins to produce a synergistic formula for the health and well being of your aquarium inhabitants. Chemi-Pure Blue's proprietary formula significantly reduces organic compounds, odours, phenols, toxins, medications, dissolved metals, phosphates and silicates. Chemi-Pure Blue's high-capacity pelletised activated carbon with very low ash content rinses clear quickly, thus reducing the potential of HLLE within your aquarium. Chemi-Pure Blue uses the finest laboratory-grade resin technology to rapidly remove organics and phosphates from your aquarium water while raising redox and helping stabilise pH.


  • Keeps aquariums healthy, stable and crystal clear
  • Keeps pH stable and constant
  • Removes dissolved organics
  • Eliminates osmotic shock
  • Filters out coppers, metals, odours and phenol
  • Prevents ion antagonism

Suitable for Reef and saltwater aquariums

Keep Chemi-Pure Blue sealed in container until ready for use.
Rinse lightly under running tap water then place in any external power filter, canister filter or filter sump.
Chemi-Pure Blueshould be replaced approximately every 4 months, depending on bio-load.

110g total. Consists of 5 x 22g bags. Each Bag treats 19L

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