Eheim Compact+ 2000 Wet/Dry Water Pump

The successful compact pump range with a plus.

The plus stands for additional power and performance and it stands for use in and out of water. These plus points mean that the pump is suitable for a variety of applications – for larger or smaller aquariums. The output can be adjusted as required. A replaceable coarse filter traps dirt particles. The pump runs very quietly, has low energy consumption and is suitable for fresh and salt water aquariums.

Benefits of the EHEIM Compact+ pumps

  • Compact powerful pumps
  • For use in and out of water
  • Wide range of applications
  • Includes inlet connectors for use out of water and a practical clasp
  • Adjustable pump output
  • Very quiet
  • Low energy consumption (35 watt)
  • Replaceable coarse filter traps dirt particles
  • Suitable for fresh and salt water
Model Max Flow Rate Max Head Height Wattage Dimensions (LxWxH) Hose IN Ø Hose OUT Ø
Compact 300 300 L/h 0.5m 5W 51 x 34 x 54 mm   13mm
Compact 600 600 L/h 1.3m 11W 65 x 44 x 79 mm   13mm
Compact 1000 1000 L/h 2.0m 23W 77 x 54 x 85 mm   17mm
Compact+ 2000 2000 L/h 2.3m 35W 126 x 82 x 115 mm 20mm 20mm
Compact+ 3000 3000 L/h 3.0m 66W 126 x 82 x 115 mm 20mm 20mm
Compact+ 5000 5000 L/h 3.0m 78W 126 x 82 x 115 mm 26mm 26mm
Compact+ Marine 2700 L/h 2.2m 44W 115 x 82 x 117 mm 26mm 26mm

Please note: Dimensions listed are for the powerhead unit only.


Brand Eheim
Model # EH1100
Barcode # 4011708110393
Shipping Weight 1.2000kg