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Fish Food

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Sera Vipachips Tropical Sinking Crisps 90g/250mL - Bottom Feeders sera Vipachips is the staple fo..
Sera Vipagran Baby Rearing Food 24g / 50mL - Micro GranulesL Sera Vipagran Baby is the rearing fo..
Sera Vipagran Tropical Granules 300g / 1L Basic soft granulate Sera Vipagran is the ideal gran..
Sera Vipagran Tropical Granules 3kg / 10L Bucket Basic soft granulate Sera Vipagran is the ide..
Sera Vipagran Tropical Granules 80g / 250mL Basic soft granulate Sera Vipagran is the ideal gr..
Sera Vipan Baby Flakes 30g / 50mL Micro flakes for the little ones in a community aquarium Ser..
Sera Vipan Tropical Flakes 2kg / 10L Bucket The classic – Flake food for ornamental fish in commu..
Sera Vipan Tropical Flakes 60g / 250mL The classic – Flake food for ornamental fish in community ..
Sera Vipan Tropical Flakes Large 210g / 1L The classic – Flake food for ornamental fish in commun..
Tetra TetraColor Tropical Flakes 200g This natural colour-enhancing food is a wonderful supplemen..
Tetra TetraFin Goldfish Flakes 200g TetraFin Goldfish Flakes are designed for goldfish and koi. T..
Tetra Tropical XL Color Granules 300g - Tetra Colour Bits Formerly known as Tetra TetraColor Trop..
API Algae Eater Wafers 105g ALGAE EATER WAFERS contains a rich blend of algae plus Omega-3 fatty ..
API Algae Eater Wafers 181g ALGAE EATER WAFERS contains a rich blend of algae plus Omega-3 fatty ..
API Betta Food 22g - Siamese Fighting Fish Food API BETTA FOOD is scientifically formulated to en..

It’s important to give your fish a varied diet. Some prefer veggies, whilst others are carnivorous and prefer something meaty.

Fish flakes are perfect for small to medium sized fish, like goldfish and guppies, who prefer to swim at the top of the tank.

Pellets come in floating or sinking varieties and are usually recommended for larger fish. If your fish prefer to swim in the middle of your tank, like tetras and barbs, a slow sinking granule is perfect for them.

Bottom feeders like clown loaches and catfish, prefer feeding at the bottom of the tank so sinking pellets or algae wafers are best. For fish that prefer their veggies, there are also vegetable flakes or pellets to suit their needs.

If you’re going away for a short break or on holidays the easiest way to keep your fish fed is to use an automatic fish food feeder or a feeding block.