Nutrafin Aqua Plus 500mL - Aquarium Water Conditioner / Ager

Nutrafin Aqua Plus - Tap Water Conditioner makes tap water safe for tropical fish by neutralizing chlorine, chloramine and undesirable metals. Aqua Plus contains U.S.-patented PHE (pure herbal extract), which effectively reduces stress and prevents inflammation and other undesirable conditions that can arise from scrapes, torn fins and abrasions. Aqua Plus is a complete tap water conditioner that improves aquatic environments for Fresh and Salt Water fish.

Use Nutrafin Aqua Plus when:

  • Adding new water
  • Water Changes
  • New tank set-up
  • Cuts and wounds
  • Fish Transport


Measuring cap is provided.

  • To remove Chlorine: 5mL treats 38L
  • To remove Chloramine: 10mL treats 38L
  • To protect scales & fins: 10mL treats 38L

Double dosage for saltwater aquariums

Expiry Date: 10/2023


Brand Nutrafin
Model # A7929B
Barcode # 0015561179294
Shipping Weight 0.5900kg