I recently purchased several items from your business. Thank you. Excellent service and prompt delivery along with really well packed items.
- Mark
Great service from Aquarium Kingdom with prompt reply, informative details, great prices & supplied tracking ensuring I know exactly what to expect.
- Nicole T Henley Beach, South Australia
Excellent service. Very knowledgeable staff, great communication. I've shopped here a number of times and have never been disappointed. Thanks so much!
- Devon L.
I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for your speedy shipment of the order I placed on Monday. I was so shocked to see it on my doorstep on Tuesday!! I don't think we commend one another enough when we do a great job, it's usually only when something goes wrong that you hear about it! So thanks again, and I will be shopping from your store more in the future!
- Bianca M.

Canister Filter Parts

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Aqua One Wool Pad 403w - 2 Pack Aqua One Replacement Wool Pad 403w designed for: Aqua One ..
Aqua One Wool Pad 405W (2 Pack) - For Nautilis 2700UV and Aquis 2250 & 2450 Aqua One Replacem..
Aqua One Wool Pad 41W - 2 Pack (25041W) Aqua One Replacement White Wool Pad 41S designed for: ..
Aqua One Wool Pad 81W (2 Pack) - For Nautilus Canister Filters 600/800 Aqua One Replacement White..
Aqua One Filter Wool Pad 84W - 2 Pack (25084W) Aqua One Replacement White Wool Pad 84W designed f..
Eheim 1215019 Pump Filter Head For Classic 350/2215 Canister Filter Eheim Genuine Replacement Pum..
Eheim 2600130 Filter Media Container For Classic 250 (2213) Eheim Genuine Replacement Blue Foam F..
Eheim 2616171 Blue Foam Filter Pad 2 Pack For Classic 600/2217 Canister Filter Eheim Genuine..
Eheim 4004700 Wide Jet Outlet Pipe 12/16mm - Fish Tail Outlet Eheim Genuine Replacement 12/16mm W..
Eheim 4004710 Bent Outlet Pipe 12mm For 12/16mm Filter Hose Eheim Genuine Replacement 12mm Bent O..
Eheim 4005710 Bent Outlet Pipe 16mm For 16/22mm Filter Hose Eheim Genuine Replacement 16mm Bent O..
Eheim Double Tap Coupling - 25/34mm Filter Hose Eheim Genuine Replacement 25/34mm Double Tap Hos..
Eheim 7271958 Rubber Feet For Classic 2213/2215/2217 (5 Pack) Eheim Genuine Replacement Rubber Fe..
Eheim 7272210 Intake U Pipe 12mm For Classic 250/2213, 350/2215 Eheim Genuine Replacement 12mm In..
Eheim 7272310 Inlet Pipe Strainer 12mm For Classic 250/2213 Eheim Genuine Replacement 12mm Inlet ..
Canister Filter Parts