We are open and shipping orders out as usual.
I recently purchased several items from your business. Thank you. Excellent service and prompt delivery along with really well packed items.
- Mark
Great service from Aquarium Kingdom with prompt reply, informative details, great prices & supplied tracking ensuring I know exactly what to expect.
- Nicole T Henley Beach, South Australia
Excellent service. Very knowledgeable staff, great communication. I've shopped here a number of times and have never been disappointed. Thanks so much!
- Devon L.
I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for your speedy shipment of the order I placed on Monday. I was so shocked to see it on my doorstep on Tuesday!! I don't think we commend one another enough when we do a great job, it's usually only when something goes wrong that you hear about it! So thanks again, and I will be shopping from your store more in the future!
- Bianca M.

Aquarium Supplies For Your Fishy Friends

New Life Spectrum Thera+ A Medium Fish Formula 250g - 2-2.5mm Sinking Pellets 2mm Sinking pell..

Sera O-Nip Tropical Treat 24 Tabs Sera O-nip consists of compressed flakes and freeze dried whole..

Nutrafin Max Small Tropical Fish Micro Granules - 80g Micro Pellets Nutrafin Max Small Tropical F..

Tetra Pro Pleco Wafers 150g - Algae Wafers This nutritionally balanced, all vegetable diet is ide..

Tetra Pro Goldfish Crisps 224g - Goldfish Food TetraPro™ Goldfish Crisps provide advanced nutriti..

Fluval U1 Underwater Internal Filter 250L/H Fluval U1 Underwater Filter provides efficient filtra..

Aqua One Aquis 500 Canister Filter The Aqua One Aquis Canister Filter range offer a far superior le..

Eheim Pick Up Internal Filter 200 (2012) The EHEIM Pick Up is a small practical filter with a spe..

Fluval C2 Hang On Filter (up to 115L) Engineered to create superior water quality, the Fluva..

AquaClear 20/Mini Hang On Power Filter The AquaClear 20 Power Filter features a unique multi..

Eheim 7275808 Intake Pipe 16mm For 2217, 2026, 2028 Eheim Genuine Replacement 16mm Intake Pipe de..

Fluval Ribbed Hosing 2.5m - Canister Filter Hose (A20014) Replacement Fluval Non-Kink Ribbed Hosi..

Eheim Impeller 50Hz for Classic 250/2213 and 2013/2113/2313 Eheim Genuine Replacement Impeller 50..

Aqua One Complete Accessory Pipe Set - Aquis 1000 & 1200 Canister Filter Aqua One Canister Fi..

Aqua One Powerhead 620 Black Filter Pump 550L/H (#10939) Aqua One Replacement Powerhead Black (at..

Aqua One Nitrate & Nitrite - Self Cut Filter Pad Aqua One Nitrate+Nitrite Pad is a tightly wove..

Seachem Matrix 4L Bucket Matrix™ is a high porosity biomedia that provides efficient biofiltratio..

EHEIM Substrat Pro 1L - Biological Filter Media Optimised bio-filter medium with perfect volume u..

Aqua One PremiumCarb - Activated Carbon 950g Activated Carbon Phosphate free Polishes wate..

AquaWorks Coarse Polyfiber Pad 30 x 30cm The AquaWorks Coarse Polyfiber Pad is a mechanical filte..

Eheim Air Pump 100L/H Adjustable with Airline Hose & Diffuser There are three models with a p..

Eheim Air Pump 400L/H Adjustable with Airline Hose & Diffuser There are three models with a p..

Schego WS2 250L/h @ 1M - High Pressure Single Outlet Air Pump Schego air pumps are made in German..

Tetra Whisper 60 Air Pump - Fish Tanks & Aquariums Up To 60L Minimal noise, maximum air fl..

Aqua One Precision 2500 - Single Outlet Aquarium Air Pump Kit What's included in this kit: 1 x A..

API GH & KH General & Carbonate Hardness Test Kit Tests tap water and freshwater aquarium..

API Quick Testing Strips 5 in 1 (25 Pack)- GH, KH, PH, NO2, NO3 Aquarium water testing has never ..

Aqua One pH & Adjuster Test Kit (Senior) The Aqua One pH Test Kit is a complete kit which allow..

API Freshwater Master Test Kit - pH, Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate Freshwater Master Test Kit measure..
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Seachem Alert Combo (pH and Ammonia Alerts) Seachem sensor technology Continuously monitors ..