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If you're looking for a great way to enjoy your backyard, look no further than the Pond One range of high-quality products! These reliable, easy-to-use products will make water gardening and fish pond keeping easier than ever before.


Restore Your Pond One Pumps With Our Replacement Parts!


Make aqua-gardening and fish pond maintenance easier than ever before with the Pond One range of high-quality parts. These reliable, easy-to-use replacement parts make pond maintenance a simple, straightforward process. By installing high-quality water pumps and filters, you’ll be guaranteeing a healthy environment for your fish. As an added bonus, our Pond One spare parts make it possible to restore your water pumps to their former glory without having to replace the entire system. This will save you significant money, time and effort as you take care of your aqua garden or fish pond.


The full range of Pond One replacement parts, includes a host of products from Pond One 02 Plus Air Pump parts which include diaphragms and flapper valves. Pond One Claritec Filter parts which includes o-rings, adapters and replacement sponges. We have all the Pondmaster pond pump parts, which include impeller sets, sponges and prefilters and a range of filter hoses and silicone lubricant to keep your pumps working as new. We also have replacement ClearTec UV clarifier light bulbs and electronic ballast sets. Whatever you need to get your Pond One products back on track, we have it at Aquarium Kingdom!


Why Do You Need Pond One Spare Parts?


Having Pond One spare parts on hand can be extremely beneficial for both experienced and novice pond owners alike. Whether you're maintaining a large or small pond, having the right spare parts can help you keep your aquatic ecosystem in top condition. From impellers to o-rings and more, you should always have some key spare parts available for your pond. Whether it’s for a new installation or for maintenance, having the right spare parts on hand can help you avoid costly delays or repairs.


In order to create a healthy habitat for fish and plants, ponds require regular maintenance and cleaning. Your Pond One Claritec filters traps waste and debris of your pond to keep the water clean. The filter sponges, though, will become clogged and will need to be cleaned periodically. So, rinse and squeeze out the filter sponges with pond water regularly. Then, when the filter sponges start breaking up or lose their shape, it is time to replace them.


The impeller on your Pondmaster pump needs to be cleaned on a regular basis too. If there is a lot of dirt in the impeller blades or slime building up on the impeller that will reduce the pump's output. Cleaning the impeller regularly with a hose cleaning brush will keep the pump operating efficiently.


Similarly, the Pond One Claritec Filter and Pond One ClearTec UV Clarifier uses a UV light to kill and remove harmful bacteria, parasites and algae from your pond water. We recommend replacing the UV Lamps every 12 months to keep your ponds looking good all year round.


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Along with our range of Pond One Pondmaster Pump parts, Claritec Filter parts and 02 Plus Air Pump parts, we have a variety of products that are designed for making fish pond and tank maintenance easy. In fact, we stock spare parts for Eheim, Fluval, Aquaclear, Aqua One and Schego products.


Beyond our range of replacement parts, we also have various pond lighting products, as well as cleaning tools, pond pumps, pump accessories, pond filters and filter media. You can also find treatments for pond water, algae control and plant care. High-quality fish food and feeders for ponds are also available.


If you’re seeking products for a home aquarium, rather than a pond, you should browse our massive range of aquarium equipment and accessories. We supply all the necessary items to keep your aquarium running smoothly, including pumps, powerheads, filters, filter media, lights, and heaters and chillers. You can also utilise our water treatments, test kits and cleaning supplies to ensure that your aquarium is the perfect all-round environment for your fish. We have plant care products, items with which to decorate your tank, and all kinds of fish foods and medications. Anything you need to keep healthy and happy fish can be found right here at Aquarium Kingdom.


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