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UP Aqua makes a range of C02 equipment and aquascaping supplies, for the keen aquascapers. They also make a range of ceramic ornaments and breeding caves.


About Us

UP AQUA AQUARIUM SUPPLY CO is a Taiwan based company who is in the Aquatic business for the last twenty years, and our very experienced manufacture and research teams have been involved with distributed industry since we were starting.

We are currently a major player in the domestic market in China and Taiwan for salt water, fresh water, water plant, and aquascaping. Now, we are expanding globally with our great fast service in customized products, OEM, high-technological function, and the best competitive price in the last ten years.

UP AQUA Aquarium Products Online

Shop the range of UP Aqua range of aquarium ornaments, including shrimp caves, Pleco caves, ceramic cichlid stones, and ceramic bonsai stone pots.

For the keen aquascaper, check out the range of UP Aqua planting tools and plant supplies.

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