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Mag Float is the #1 Aquarium Cleaner in the world. Mag Float Floating magnetic glass cleaners making cleaning your aquarium glass easy.


About Us

Mag Float aquarium glass cleaners are the original floating magnet cleaners designed and patented by Bakker Magnetics in The Netherlands. The use of neodymium (rare earth) magnets ensures a powerful magnetic attraction between the inner and outer halves of the Mag-Float cleaner, leading to a far less chance of separation from the glass.

The Mag-Float® revolutionary patented floating aquarium cleaner removes algae from your aquarium without getting your hands wet.

Super convenient floating cleaner, cleans aquarium surfaces and floats when the inner magnet separates from the outer magnet.

Because you never have to reach into the aquarium, not only can you stay clean and dry, but also avoid toxic lotions or soap residue on your skin from getting into your aquarium water."

Mag Float Aquarium Cleaner Online

Algae builds up on the aquarium glass over time, using the Mag Float Magnetic cleaner makes cleaning a breeze. Simply move the floating magnet cleaner side to side to scrub off unwanted algae. For stubborn algae try attaching a mag float stainless steel blade to the magnet cleaner, the blade will scrape off most algae with ease.

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