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New Life Spectrum… simply better ingredients. Try New Life Spectrum food and see for yourself the benefits to your fish in improved colouration and vitality. This comprehensive range of complete fish diets has been available in Australia for over 30 years


About Us

New Life Spectrum fish food was born from the attempt to answer a simple (yet surprisingly difficult to answer) question: why were so many fish difficult to maintain in home aquariums?

As owner of New Life Exotic fish, Pablo Tepoot and Ian Tepoot had confronted the issue of the color of Cichlids he sold fading over time as they were kept indoors and received inferior nutrition outside his facility. As a marine aquarium hobbyist, his fish likewise suffered color fading. He also faced issues of Surgeonfish getting Lateral Line Disease and Fin Erosion, and Angels coming down with Hole in the Head disease — all of which are nutrition related disorders. Thus, Pablo decided to see if we could formulate a food that would increase vitality, color and address these common nutrition-related problems.

New Life Exotic Fish was founded in 1976 in Homestead, Florida. The company focused (and still does) on the breeding and wholesale distribution of African Cichlids; Malawi Cichlids in particular. New Life Exotic Fish has won numerous breeder awards for it’s high quality stock that were the result of the same commitment to quality that you see in Spectrum fish food today.

Today, New Life Spectrum has formulas for almost every variety of aquarium fish, coral and invertebrate.


New Life Spectrum Fish Food Online


Feed your fish with the high quality ingredients used in New life Spectrum fish foods and bring out their beautiful natural colours.

The most popular fish foods in the range include New Life Spectrum Cichlid formula and New Life Spectrum Thera A formula which has extra garlic to help attract even the most finicky feeders and improve their immune systems. New Life Spectrum also have a range specifically formulated for the herbivores, try the Algaemax range of sinking pellets and algae wafers.

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