Pond Pump Hoses, Tubing & Fittings — Flexible & Durable

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Create Your Ultimate Pond Pump System With Top Tubing


No two ponds are the same; that’s why there’s flexible pond tubing! Creating a unique outdoor environment for your fish and aquatic plants requires you to choose and adapt the best pond pumps, pond filters or equipment to your fish pond or water feature. This is why Aquarium Kingdom stocks a huge range of pond pump tubing, so you can create the custom system you need to keep your fish happy and healthy, and your pond looking great.


Why You Need Flexible Pond Hose?


Using durable and flexible top-quality hose makes it easier to connect your pond pumps to your water fountains, water features, UV sterilisers or pond filter systems. We have a range of pond and fountain pump hoses in a variety of sizes to suit your needs.


Find a Wide Variety of Spare Parts & Pond Pump Hose


Along with our collection of flexible hoses for pond pumps to better tailor your pond’s filter system, we also have a range of Pond One Claritec filter parts to keep your filter running efficiently for years to come.


Don’t forget to check out our range of pond water treatments, we have all the water conditioners and chemicals you need to set up your pond, test your pond water or algae control treatments to remove algae and keep your ponds crystal clear.


Find the Flexibility Your Pond Pump Needs


Perfectly tailor your pond pump system with durable and flexible hose options from Aquarium Kingdom.


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