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What’s Included In Our Aquarium Air Pump Kits?


When first setting up your aquarium, it can be tricky working out what you need to get started. To make it easier we’ve put together some aquarium air pump starter kits that contain the essentials you need to get bubbles circulating in your tank. These kits are better value than buying the individual components on their own.


1. Aquarium Air Pump


Used to pump oxygen into the tank. Size of the tank and size of the air stone will determine the size of the air pump you’ll need. For larger tanks, dual or quad outlet pumps can be used.


2. Air Stone


Used to diffuse the air coming out of the air pump to give you the desired look. May not be required if you are using a sponge filter or air-operated ornament.


3. Air Line and Air Tubing


Used to connect the air pump to the air stone.


4. Check Valve


One-way valves to prevent water back-siphoning down your air line when there is a power outage.


Choosing the Right Fish Tank Air Pump Kit


To take the guesswork out for you, we’ve assembled together some simple aquarium air pump kits commonly used for particular sizes of air pump. We’ve included more air accessories for the larger dual air pumps. For example, the Aqua One Precision 9500 air pump kit is our most popular and includes two air stones, two check valves, and 5 metres of air line.


What If I Already Have an Air Pump?


If you already have an air pump and are looking for air accessories, you can purchase these separately. Or go and take a look at the Aqua One airline kit pack. It contains airline, control valves, a T-piece, joiner and a check valve, and is excellent value for money. The Sera air sets come with air tubing, a control valve, a check valve and airstone. They include the necessary accessories needed to get the air pump working.


Aquarium Air Pump Kits - Aquarium Kingdom


If you’re new to the hobby and searching for an Aqua One air pump kit online have a look through the kits we’ve put together. They’re great value for money and a good place to get started. We also have air pump parts for sale if something is amiss with your current pump. Have a browse through our large range of aquarium air accessories to complete your tank setup.


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