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Aquarium Spare Parts For Your Aquarium & Filters


Buying aquarium spare parts can sometimes seem daunting; there are many different parts available, and it can be challenging to know which parts are suitable for the tank or equipment you have. We have tried to make it easier by grouping the spare parts in different categories to help you find the parts you need easier.


Aqua One Spare Parts


Aqua One is one of the established leaders in fish and aquarium products. Aqua One replacement parts and products are made from high-quality materials and exhibit proven reliability through rigorous product testing. It uses the latest innovations in technology and stylish design, providing the best possible environment for fish.


If you are looking for Aqua One stockists, you’ve come to the right place. Aquarium Kingdom carries a wide range of Aqua One spare parts for your Aqua One Aquariums. Whether you need a replacement powerhead for your AquaStyle Aquarium or carbon cartridges for your LifeStyle Aquarium we have got you covered.;


We also have replacement filter parts for the Maxi internal filters, ClearView Hang on filters and the range of Aquis, Aquis Series II and Nautilus external canister filters.


Pond One Spare Parts


Pond One is one of the leading manufacturers of pond and filter products. Pond One products are made from high-quality materials and are proven reliable through numerous product testings. Designed with style incorporated with the latest innovations, this manufacturer provides parts that are perfect for the environment of your fish and pond.


Replacing your UV Lamp every Spring in your Pond One Claritec Filter or Pond One ClearTec UV Clarifiers will keep your ponds clear all year round. We also stock a range of parts for the Pond One air pumps and Pond One Pondmaster Pumps.


Eheim Spare Parts


Eheim is a market leader in canister filters for all ornamental aquariums. Founded by engineer Gunther Eheim in 1949, Eheim has been one of the trusted companies when it comes to aquarium parts. It also invented the world’s first aquarium suction filter for ornament fish aquariums. With Eheim spare parts, you are sure to be worry-free.


The Eheim Classic external canister filters are one of the most reliable filters on the market and have been as long as we could remember. However, parts do wear out over time and need to be replaced. Some parts that need to be replaced include the impeller, ceramic shafts and bushing, o-rings, clips and double-tap units. We also carry the genuine replacement filter media including the Eheim Mech, Eheim Substrat Pro, blue foam sponges, white wool filter pads and carbon pads.


Fluval Spare Parts


Fluval introduced the first 3-stage filter with synchronous motor technology, a technological breakthrough that is still used up to this day. The company has earned a global reputation for excellence, innovation, and dependability, making them one of the trusted leaders in the aquatic industry.


We have a range of Fluval spare parts including impellers, o-rings, filter hoses, replacement foam and carbon filter pads to keep your Fluval canister filters, hang on filters and internal filters running smoothly.


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If you need aquarium spare parts, you have come to the right place. We have a wide range of Aqua One spares, Eheim spares, Fluvals spares and many more... Feel free to browse all our products.


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