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Internal fish tank filters are designed to be fully submerged in the aquarium and are one of the most popular forms of filtration for smaller tanks due to their simple design and ease of use. Internal filters can also be used for larger tanks to increase water flow throughout the tank and add extra filtration to tanks that have a higher bioload.


There are two types of internal filters commonly used:


1. Air operated sponge filters


2. Internal power filters


Air Operated Sponge Filters


  • Sponge filters are an effective and economical option for people on the lookout for a great small aquarium filter. These have been quite popular among aquarium owners for decades for the plethora of benefits they offer.


  • Sponge filters need to be connected to an aquarium air pump. As the bubbles rise the water is drawn through the sponge filter. The sponge has both mechanical and biological filtration capabilities because it is very porous. It provides an ideal breeding ground for good bacteria so they can consume all the debris that gets trapped in the sponge pores when the water passes through it.


  • Sponge filters are also great for breeding tanks and raising fish fry. You can increase or decrease the flow of the air pump to reduce the flow of water going through the sponge so baby fish don’t get sucked into the sponge.


If you’re on the lookout for a relatively low-cost small fish tank filter then the sponge filter is a great option.


Internal Power Filters


An internal power filter is one of the most popular fish tank filters for small aquariums. An aquarium internal filter uses a powerhead instead of air to pump water through the filter sponge or filter media. Internal filters are quite easy to maintain. When you need to clean out the filter, all you need to do is take it out of the aquarium and rinse the sponge or filter media in some clean aquarium water. The powerhead of the internal filter has a small magnetic impeller that pumps the water and over time can get dirty.


Give the impeller a quick clean with a filter brush, and the powerhead will work more efficiently and last longer. You can find the filter brush amongst other fish tank cleaning tools under our Cleaning & Maintenance category. For experienced aquarium owners with small to medium-sized tanks, internal power filters are great as well. We have a range of Aqua One Maxi internal filter and Eheim Pick up internal filters in a few sizes to suit most tanks. If you’re on the lookout for an internal filter with a range of filter media then check out the Fluval underwater internal filter range. They come with a poly/carbon cartridge, BioMax biological rings, and foam filter pad.


If you would like to buy a fish tank filter online, then make sure you browse the Aquarium Kingdom filters section for a range of hang-on filters and external canister filters so you can find the best aquarium filter to suit your tank. In order to keep your fish thriving, besides maintaining water quality, it is important to mimic their natural habitat as closely as possible. The best way to manage this is by investing in the aesthetics of the aquarium environment as well. Aquarium decorations are essential aesthetic elements that can easily help you achieve this objective. You’ll find a range of aquarium ornaments and silk plants at Aquarium Kingdom.


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