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Creating a liveable environment for your fish is not as simple as filling a tank full of water, but with our range of aquarium water tests, the process becomes a lot easier. Aquarium water test kits are an essential tool for any aquarium owner. They allow you to measure the water parameters in your tank, such as pH, nitrite, nitrate and ammonia levels. Testing these parameters can give you a better understanding of your aquarium environment and enable you to make informed decisions on how to keep it healthy. Our water testers can also test for general and carbonate hardness, calcium, copper, and phosphate levels within the aquarium. We also have quick and easy-to-use aquarium test strips that are simply dipped into the aquarium water and make it easy to ensure that your fish are living in healthy conditions and that all of the elements in your tank are balanced.


Our aquarium water test kits are extremely efficient, accurate, and easy to use. Whether you need a saltwater or freshwater aquarium test kit, whatever your aquarium testing needs, we’ve got just the thing. All our test kits come with instructions for how to use them, and you can buy them in bulk or separately as you need.


Additionally, for saltwater tanks, we also have easy-to-read aquarium hydrometers and refractometers. These convenient devices help you measure salinity in your saltwater aquariums to ensure that your fish have an environment they can thrive in.


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With regular testing, hobbyists can quickly identify problems before they become severe and take corrective action accordingly. That’s why we supply a range of aquarium water treatments including ammonia removers, algae control products, pH buffers, aquarium water clarifiers and biological supplements to help you restore the water in your aquarium to suit your fish's unique needs.


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At Aquarium Kingdom, our goal is to help aquarium owners take care of their fish as easily as possible. We love home aquariums and ponds, and believe everyone should experience the joy of caring for pet fish! This is why we take so much pride in our products and are always happy to share our expertise with you.


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