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A Family-run business with high expertise - Making high quality aquarium air pumps for over 65 years.


About Us

SCHEGO was founded by Fritz Schemel and Kurt Goetz in 1949. Initially, the company focused solely on making products for aquariums and SCHEGO soon ranked among the leading manufacturers of aquarium heaters and air pumps

The use of high-grade materials and adherence to exacting production standards guarantee that SCHEGO products are always of the highest quality – exactly as expected from products ‘Made in Germany’ – a fact that is particularly important for foreign sales with 50 % of our company’s production being exported to countries around the world.

We set a particularly high value on sustainability. All the components of our durable products are available as spare parts always and for decades.

Schego Aquarium Air Pumps Online

Schego air pumps are maintenance-free, quiet, durable and vibration free. The diaphragms are made of high-grade material. They are the only wearing parts and are easy and quick to change on all models. We stock a range of Schego spare parts and accessories including the diaphragms, check valves and air stones.

Schego aquarium air pumps come in 6 sizes, so it is easy to find the correct one for your aquarium. For larger aquariums up to 1m high the WS2 and WS3 air pumps have more pressure to push out more oxygen through to the air stones.

If you want a quality air pump that's built to last then shop the full range of Schego air pumps online at Aquarium Kingdom.