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Spare Parts for Pond Pumps


The Pond One PondMaster Pump and the matching pond pump parts are essential for keeping your outdoor pond clean and clear. Pond pumps circulate the water and help to oxygenate the water. Additionally, they prevent the build-up of dirt and algae. 


The PondMaster Pumps are also essential for pumping water into your filter system or pond UV Sterilisers. This ensures your pond is cleaned and sanitised. 


Regular cleaning and maintenance of your Pond pumps is essential. Over time the impellers in the pumps can build up with slime, debris and plant matter, reducing the efficiency of your pond pump. Problems arise when the pond pump impeller parts fail or stop working. Pumping oxygen into the pond, the impeller falls among the most critical aquarium filter accessories. Without a source of water movement, the water becomes stagnant and this opens the floodgates to algae growth and cloudy water leading to very unhappy fish.


It is important to address any failure quickly, that's why we carry a range of pondmaster replacement parts including impellers, sponges, pond fountain pump kits and prefilter sponges to keep your pump running smoothly. Whatever you’re after, let’s explore the full extent of our pond pump spare parts and our aquarium spare parts.


Create a beautiful water feature with Pond Fountain Pump Kit 


A pond fountain pump kit allows you to create a beautiful pond fountain in your garden. The Fountain kits come with multiple attachments to create the look you desire. The pond fountain pump kits can also be paired with statues, small ornaments and other water features to create a relaxing atmosphere for your outdoor space. 


Purify & Protect With Pondmaster Pump Parts


The Pond One Pondmaster pumps come standard with a black aquarium prefilter sponge to protect the pump from clogging too quickly, and can be easily removed for cleaning. This will extend the external pond filter’s life and reduce the need for frequent maintenance. They can also be a safety feature for fish, as they provide a layer of protection to prevent them from being sucked into the pump.


If you find it is clogging up too quickly with leaves and debris, The Pond One prefilter sponge can be attached onto the Pond One pondmaster pumps to help with mechanical and biological filtration, trapping leaves, debris and waste particles from the water. They also offer a large surface area for beneficial bacteria to colonise, aiding in biological filtration by breaking harmful ammonia and nitrite into less toxic nitrate. 


A Pond UV steriliser can be connected to your pond pumps to help purify and kill algae in your pond. When the water is exposed to ultraviolet light, it effectively kills algae spores, harmful bacteria, viruses, and parasites to help prevent common issues such as green water or algae blooms. 


Turning a Clean Tank Beautiful


What better way to celebrate a sparkling clean fish tank than to beautify it? If you have an indoor aquarium in addition to a backyard pond, you may wish to spruce things up with some aquarium decor. Once you’ve created an underwater wonderland for human enjoyment and fish stimulation, the only thing left to do is illuminate your creation with an Aqua One LED light. To you, it’s a display light for your slice of life imitating art. To your fish, it’s a light source that helps them navigate their environment.


When To Invest in Pondmaster Replacement Parts


As a rule, you should replace your black or prefilter sponges every 6-12 months or when they lose their shape or start breaking apart . Fortunately, pond pump impeller parts and pond fountain pump kits have a long lifespan, and you can often resolve their functional issues before replacing them altogether. That said, all equipment wears out eventually — and when that happens, we’ve got you covered with Pondmaster replacement parts. What do you need from our collection?


Get Pond Pump Parts at Aquarium Kingdom


At Aquarium Kingdom, we provide all the essential aquatic supplies your aquatic friends need to thrive in their aquatic environment, whether your aquatic critters live in an aquarium or an outdoor pond, we have the right equipment to keep them happy and healthy. Shop spare parts for pond pumps today to keep your water flowing and clean. 


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