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Discover the Perfect Betta & Siamese Fighting Fish Food


A key part of providing your betta fish with an enriching and nurturing environment is making sure you have the best betta food possible. This vivid and exotic freshwater species, often known as Siamese fighting fish or simply fighting fish, are carnivores that enjoy a diet rich in protein. For many betta fish owners, finding fish food for their betta fish can be tricky.


However, when you shop for fish food online at Aquarium Kingdom, you’ll see we have a host of options when it comes to betta and fighter fish food. This includes freeze-dried bloodworms, floating pellets, treats and high-protein food mixes to encourage healthy growth and beautiful colours. This Siamese fighting fish food also is designed to suit your betta’s feeding style, encouraging them to strike out at ‘live’ prey and enjoy capturing their meal. In the wild, they typically eat insect larvae, worms and small crustaceans. While it’s not always possible to provide this in an aquarium environment, betta food that supports natural eating behaviour helps to give your betta a more enriching experience and makes them less likely to ignore their food.


Food for Every Fish to Enjoy


Along with specialised betta fish food, we’re pleased to offer plenty of other fish foods to suit popular aquarium fish. This includes options for fish requiring certain diets — such as carnivores or herbivores — along with floating and sinking varieties for surface and bottom feeders. We even have long-lasting holiday blocks so you can go away on a well-deserved break without worrying about your fish getting hungry. These innovative options are all part of our wider aquarium supplies range to make caring for your fish easier than ever.


Wondering Where to Buy Betta Fish Food?


Betta fish are tiny and do not require a lot of food to flourish. However, they require nutrient-dense food to remain happy and healthy. That’s why our betta and fighting fish food range has been carefully selected to ensure you can always give your fish the food they need and deserve. So, start shopping our betta fish food collection today.


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