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The Aqua One AR Aquarium 120, 150, and 180 were later renamed to AquaGrande 120, 150, and 180. The AquaGrande range has now been discontinued. The AquaGrande all-in-one aquarium were extremely popular for over 10 years. The AquaGrande tanks came with a stylish light unit that sat at the front of the tank and a top trickle filter system that sat at the back of the aquarium. The three-stage top filter system came with removable filter trays for quick and easy filter cleaning. The top filters came with Aqua One BioNood ceramic noodles, black sponge filter pads, and carbon cartridges.

Aqua One AquaGrande Aquarium Spare Parts Online

The older Aqua One AquaGrande Aquariums used the Aqua One Powerhead 1600L/H (#11161) and is connected to the underside of the top filter using a bracket hanger (10711). An elbow and adapter (#11259) piece are used to connect the powerhead to the spray bar(#10786) which allows water to flow evenly over the filter trays. For the underside of the powerhead, you will need an intake pipe (#10931) and strainer (#10776).

Over the years AquaGrande tanks started using a bigger pump - Powerhead 880 - 2000L/H (#11894), which connected straight to the underside of the top filter. On top of the new pump connect a hard filter pipe and soft elbow (#10651) which then connects to the spray bar (#10786). For the underside of the 880 powerheads, you can use an extendable intake pipe (#11281) for AquaGrande 120 and 150 aquariums, for the larger AquaGrande 180 use the longer extendable intake pipe (#11282). Don't forget the strainer (#10776) to stop fish or larger particles from getting sucked up into the pump.

The AquaGrande top filter can also be customised to suit your needs. Shop from a range of mechanical, biological or chemical filter media to fill up each filter tray. The more filter media you can fit into each tray the cleaner the water will be.

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