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UV Water Filter Replacement Bulbs


UV light bulbs, also known as UV lamps or UV steriliser bulbs, are special bulbs that emit ultraviolet light inside a UV steriliser or UV clarifier unit. As the aquarium water moves through the UV steriliser, the UV light emitted by the light bulb is designed to kill algae spores, harmful bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens and also helps improve the clarity of the aquarium water.


Prepare to Be Enlightened!


So, why UV bulbs in particular? When water is exposed to ultraviolet light the light penetrates the cells of microorganisms, damaging their DNA and hindering their ability to reproduce. Ultraviolet light can obliterate algae, as well as 99.9% of any bacteria or viruses present in your tank, and help clarify the aquarium water at the same time. This makes for happier, healthier fish, as well as far less fish tank maintenance.


When Is It Time to Change Your UV Lamp?


Over time, you may notice the UV light bulbs in your Ultra Violet Clarifier (UV-C) will become less effective and their sterilising power decreases. That's why we recommend replacing the UV lamp tube every 12 months, or per the manufacturer's recommendation, in order to get the best results from your UV clarifiers, so your aquarium or pond can look its best all year round.


How to Choose the Right Ultraviolet Water Steriliser Bulb?


UV aquarium bulbs come in a range of sizes and wattages, so when choosing your UV lamp, it is essential to check it is compatible. This includes ensuring you have the right size, wattage and fitting requirements for your UV steriliser, UV clarifier or UV aquarium filter.


We carry a range of Creator UV Lamps which come standard in the Pond One Cleartec UV clarifier units, Pond One Claritec filters and other branded UV steriliser units. Additionally, we offer a premium line of Philips UV lamps that are made in Poland. Trust Aquarium Kingdom to provide you with the best options for your UV lamp needs.


Spare Parts Ahoy!


Fishing for something beyond UV bulbs? We’ve got spare parts galore for the keen aquarium tinkerer. We have many popular brands from which to choose, including Aqua One, which comes in at number one for breadth and variety. From nitty-gritty air pumps and filters to aesthetic additions like airstone starfish, we have over 400 Aqua One spare parts from which to choose. Coming from a similarly-named and famed brand, AquaClear spare parts are also particularly useful when it comes to replacement parts and aquarium filter media. Finally, if you want to keep the air pump pumping along, our range of Schego spare parts specialise in just that. Our online store stocks everything you need.


Get the Royal Treatment at Aquarium Kingdom


Why do so many schools of customers flock to Aquarium Kingdom? Because, as far as we’re concerned, fish are king—and we pamper each one of them like a princess. As longtime home aquarium hobbyists, we welcome like-minded individuals into Aquarium Kingdom, whether they’re fishy novices or seasoned tank tinkerers. We welcome schools from all walks of life and want to help them create the best aquarium they can. Take one look at our affordable, high-quality range of products and you’ll see we’ve left no seastone unturned.


Get UV Replacement Bulbs for Your Home Aquarium


Whether you’re building your first aquarium or looking for replacement bulbs for your UV clarifiers, be sure to browse our range of UV light bulbs, which come in different sizes and wattages to suit your needs. Remember, an ultraviolet bulb is essentially a water steriliser and is a win–win for hand and fin. Less algae means less washing by hand and a clean living space for our finny friends! Shop our range of UV light bulbs online at Aquarium Kingdom. Here’s to a sunny slice of fishy paradise!


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