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Choose the Perfect Fish Pond Filter for Crystal Clear Water


The best fish ponds or water features have a quality pond filter. This is because a fish pond filter is essential if you want to create an ecosystem where fish can thrive. At Aquarium Kingdom, we have a range of pond filters that are suitable for use throughout Australia, so you can find the perfect option for your pond. We also have plenty of pond filter accessories so you can get the most out of your new pond filter.


Do I Need a Small or Large Fish Pond Filter?


Of course, even the best fish pond filter can only do so much if it isn’t the right size for your pond. Otherwise, it will struggle to keep your pond clean. That’s why it’s important to pick a filter that can handle the amount of water in your pond.


The easiest way to work this out is to find out the volume of your pond. You’ll need to multiply the length, width and depth in cm, and divide this number by 1000 to get the volume in litres. From there, it’s recommended that you pick a filter that can handle 150% of your pond’s water capacity. So, if your pond has a capacity of 4000L, you’d need a small pond filter that could handle 6000L.


At Aquarium Kingdom, we have a range of quality small and large pond filters, with capacities ranging from 3000L to 15000L.


What Is a Pond Pressure Filter?


External pressure filters are our most popular pond filters because they're so flexible. You can sit them outside the pond, or even partially bury them to hide them in your landscape.


Pressurised pond filters consist of a sealed canister filled with mechanical and biological filter media. The pond pump delivers the water to the pressure filter, which pushes it through the filter media. The media then traps and breaks down the waste produced by the fish. Most modern pond pressure filters now come with a built-in UV steriliser. So, as the water passes through the UV light, algae is killed and the water is clarified before going back into the pond or water feature.


Set Up Your Pond Filter Your Way


To ensure that you can use your pond filter easily and optimally, you need the right pipe fittings and hoses. Our range of fittings and hoses allows you to conveniently set up your filter and pump to suit your pond’s needs, as well as maintain the aesthetic of your outdoor space.


Keep Your Fish Pond Filter Clean With Ease


While your pond filter keeps your fish pond clean, it’s important that you keep your fish pond filter clean too. Our selection of fish pond cleaning tools includes numerous specially designed brushes to clean your filter and filter hoses to ensure that your fish pond’s water is always crystal clear.


Some pond filters also allow you to backwash the filter. Backwashing allows the water in the filter to be reversed, so it can rinse the filter media and allow the dirty water from the filter to flow out of the filter through a separate outlet and away from the pond. This will reduce the frequency of manual cleaning of the filter sponges.


Over time, the filter sponges will still need to be cleaned manually though. That’s why filters, including pressure filters can be opened up, so you can clean the biological rocks and filter sponges. We recommend rinsing the filter media with water from the pond to avoid disturbing the good bacteria living in the filter media. Tap water should be avoided as chlorine will kill the good bacteria that breaks down the fish waste.


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Get the fish pond of your dreams when you buy fish pond filters from Aquarium Kingdom. With a huge range of fish pond filters available online, you can find a filter to suit your pond’s capacity, keeping the water clear and healthy for your fish.

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