Water Pump for Fish Pond

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To maintain a healthy pond, installing a fish pond pump and filter system is a must. Pond pumps, filters and air pumps are all crucial components in making your pond as close to nature as possible and keeping your fish alive. That’s why, at Aquarium Kingdom, we only have the best fish pond pumps and accessories for sale.


Do You Need a Pond Pump If You Have Fish?


It depends on the size of your pond and number of fish you have, but, generally, yes. Pond pumps are an important component in maintaining proper water movement. By maintaining proper water movement, you can ensure the water is well oxygenated throughout the pond. Generally speaking, as long as you have live plants, you can have a few goldfish in a pond without the need for a pond pump or filter system. Live plants act as a natural filter system and add oxygen to the water.

Further, to ensure that the water maintains aerated and healthy you should install a pond air pump. It will ensure your fish pond’s biological filtration works as efficiently as possible.


Pond Pump Filters for a More Natural Pond


Another good idea is to install a pond pump filter into your pond. Adding a pond filter system will help break down harmful water by-products, such as ammonia and nitrite, and keep the water crystal clear all-year round.

Pond pressure filters are very popular. These filters sit outside the pond and are connected to your pond pump. As the water moves through the filter, fish waste is trapped and broken down by the good bacteria living in the filter. Most pressure filters these days also have a UV steriliser to kill suspended green algae.

Some pond filters or DIY filters can be customised by adding your own pond filter media to suit your pond size and needs.


Pond Water Tests Kits For a Healthier Pond


In order to make sure your pump is doing its job and keeping your water clean, we sell pond water test kits. These kits can quickly and accurately test for conditions like pH, nitrate, general hardness and carbonate hardness in one easy step.


What Size Pump Do I Need for My Fish?


The size of your pump will depend on the size of your pond. When using a pump for biological filtration, as a general rule, your pump must be able to turn the entire volume of your pond over at least once per hour. So, if your pond’s volume is 3000 litres then you’ll need a pump equipped to move at least 3000 litres of water an hour.

You will also need to consider other factors such as how stocked your pond is, where the filter is located, and if there are any fountain attachments or water features connected to your pond pump. In some cases you may need a larger pump to turn over water volume two to three times per hour to get the desired outcome.

We sell fully submersible pumps that can move up to 16,500 litres an hour. So no matter how large your fish pond may be, we’ve got you covered.


Can I Install a Pond Pump Myself?


Yes, you can. The pond pumps we sell are easy to assemble and install. Plus, we sell pumps that are completely submersible and engineered to run continuously, so the maintenance is a breeze as well.


Where Can I Find the Perfect Pond Pump for My Fish?


If you want to create the perfect pond environment for your fish then look no further. We sell pumps that are economical, efficient, and guaranteed to create the perfect pond conditions for your fish, so you won’t have to worry about electricity bills while looking after your fish. To keep your fish swimming happily, browse our range of pond pumps and also pond air pumps today!