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Provide your betta fish with the care and love they deserve, thanks to our amazing range of betta fish tank supplies and accessories. From specially formulated betta fish food to thermometers and leaf hammocks for the perfect fighting fish set-up, your betta fish will love when you shop at Aquarium Kingdom.


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To ensure your fish’s optimal health, it’s important to select the right fish food. This includes choosing food that suits your fish’s feeding needs and style. For instance, betta fish are surface feeders, so they prefer food that floats. You’ll find a range of floating pellets and food specifically designed to entice even the pickiest fighting fish. Alternatively, if you want to stimulate your fish’s natural hunting instincts, Aquarium Kingdom has a fantastic selection of dried bloodworms and bloodworm-shaped food that your betta fish will love.


Build Your Fish’s Perfect Environment


There’s more to betta fish care than just the right food though. Ensuring your betta fish has a tank complete with the proper supplies and accessories is just as important. Create a comfortable and enriching environment for your fighting fish, including maintaining the perfect water temperature and balance with our nano heaters and thermometers, water conditioners and pH buffers. Don’t forget to give your betta fish places to hide and rest though — we have leaf hammocks and small cave ornaments that are perfect for the job.


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Looking for products to suit your other fish as well? Then Aquarium Kingdom is the right place to be! We have an extensive catalogue of fish and aquarium supplies, designed to suit freshwater, saltwater and tropical fish. And if you aren’t sure what you need, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable staff. We’ll help you find the perfect products for your aquarium.


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Make sure you have all the betta fish supplies and accessories you need to provide your fighting fish with a rich and healthy life — check out the Aquarium Kingdom range now!