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Established in 1997, Dymax is a Singapore brand for a extensive range of aquarium products. Dymax brings the passion for the aquarium hobby with a wide range of aquarium products to the whole world.


About Us

As aquarium die-hard enthusiasts ourselves, we live, eat and breath aquarium. Aquarium is in our blood and it is in our soul to fulfill our mission of putting the Dymax range of tanks and accessories into the homes of each and every aquarium hobbyist in the world.

At Dymax, the creators are a couple from Singapore – John and Lilian, a husband and wife team who have been involved in the aquarium industry. John didn’t start Dymax just to make money, he has been an aquarium enthusiast for as long as he can remember, like all hobbyists, he tinkers with things and is always looking for new ways to beautify his aquarium tanks or re configuring his aquarium tanks over and again.

At Dymax – we are driven by passion and we create. Innovation doesn’t stop and we are always thinking of ways to make our creations better.

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