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Why Choose a Fluval Aquarium Canister Filter?


If you’re in the market for a large filtration system, consider a Fluval Giant canister filter! This filter effortlessly pulls water in via an intake tube, directs it through a multi-stage filtration process, and releases purified water back into your tank. Filtration technology such as this is particularly well-suited for medium and large aquariums, where enhanced efficiency plays a crucial role in sustaining a thriving ecosystem.


The Fluval Giant Canister filters come in three sizes to suit large tanks from 750L right up to 1500L The three models include the FX2, FX4, and FX6 aquarium filters,These filters are also easy to clean and the filter media can be easily customised to suit your needs with a range of genuine Fluval replacement filter pads, bio-foam, and bio-FX biological filter media.


All Kinds of Giant Fluval Canister Filters for Australia & Beyond


The Fluval FX5 canister filter was first released by Hagen in 2006 and quickly became a popular choice for aquarium enthusiasts. The powerful motor, multi-stage filter system and convenient quick-release aquastop valves made it the perfect choice for large aquariums up to 1500L.


The Fluval FX5 canister filter was replaced by the Fluval FX6 canister filter In 2013, with a new look and improvements such as enhanced motor technology for quieter operation and greater overall energy efficiency.


With the success of the Fluval FX5 and FX6 canister filter, Fluval Introduced the FX4 canister filter, designed as a compact little brother to the powerful FX6. Boasting an impressive flow rate of 2600L/H, the FX4 effectively fills the gap between the popular Fluval 406 and the larger FX6 canister filters. The FX4 canister filter by Fluval makes an excellent choice for aquarium enthusiasts with tanks of up to 1000 litres in capacity.


The Fluval FX range is widely recognised for its high-quality canister filters, and the introduction of the FX2 Canister filter with a flow rate of 1800L/H has further solidified this reputation. This new addition is specifically designed to suit aquariums up to 750 liters. Whatever sized tank you’re shopping for, our staff can help you find the best fluval canister filter to meet your needs.


Fluval Canister Filter Parts


At Aquarium Kingdom, we are proud to offer a large selection of genuine Fluval spare parts for the FX range of canister filters. So whether you need a replacement o-ring, impellers, lid fasteners to intake pipes, and strainers for the Fluval FX2, FX4, FX5 and FX6 canister filters, we have got you covered.


We usually have a large quantity of these essential Fluval Canister Filter Parts on hand, so you can easily find what you need when you need them. We understand that filters can break down or leak when you least expect them to, that is why we offer express post as a shipping option. The cost of express post is calculated at checkout ensuring transparency and convenience in the ordering process.


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To accompany our range of hang on filters, we have Fluval Hang On Filter Spare Parts such as motor units and activated carbon. If you need to buy Fluval U Series internal filter parts, we stock a substantial collection of these, too—with no shortage of bio foam pads and poly/carbon cartridges.


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As proud suppliers of Fluval products in Australia, Aquarium Kingdom stocks FX2, FX4, and FX6 aquarium canister filters, as well as a range of Fluval aquarium spare parts. We work hard to ensure that we supply whatever you require to keep your fish thriving. If you need assistance finding anything, from aquarium pumps and filters to fish food and decorations, feel free to reach out to our enthusiastic staff. With a little help from us, you’ll have your ideal fish tank filter in no time. Dive in and shop today!


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