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Fishing for pond UV light replacement bulbs? Look no further than Aquarium Kingdom: home of fish pond UV light bulbs and everything a fish could wish for. Equipped with a pond filter and UV light, you can obliterate pond algae and restore quality to your aquarium water. But ultraviolet light won’t last forever — even the sun’s ultraviolet rays will one day give out — so when your UV lamp light is on its last legs, you’ll know where to look. Introducing Aquarium Kingdom’s collection of UV lights for ponds!


Brands of UV Light for Pond & Fish Tank Applications


Our fish tank UV light collection is swimming with different brands and models fit for purpose. These are no ordinary fish pond lights — they can destroy algae with an ultraviolet death stare, roll up the remains, and spit them out. (Well, you will need one of our pond UV sterilisers to direct the UV lamp light where it needs to go. You’ll also need one of our fish pond water filters to suction the accumulated algae out of the tank or pond. So, a pond UV light is more like one part of a superhero trio — à la The Powerpuff Girls — rather than a single Superman.)


Pond One


One of the most common brands around Aquarium Kingdom, Pond One is a trusty brand that specialises in all sorts of home aquarium supplies. ‘Creator’ is the product name for their fish pond UV light bulbs, which come in various sizes and wattage levels. Compact and germicidal, Creators cast constant UV light for ponds and aquariums throughout their lifespan. After a year in the pond, when their UV light no longer shines bright, you can switch them off and switch them out easily with replacement bulbs, thanks to their single-ended base. You can count on Pond One Creators to be as user-friendly as they are effective!




If you already have a Laguna pond filter, pair it with the UV light from the same brand. The Pressure-Flo UVC Lamp goes with the Pressure-Flo UVC pond filter as a tropical fish goes with warm water. With a Laguna UV lamp for your pond or fish tank, you’re set to light the way, whether you have a Pressure-Flo filter 13500, 14000 or 17000. Consisting of four pins, this genuine Laguna replacement part is so versatile that it equally suits three filter types!




When you think of lightbulbs, Philips is often the first brand you think of — but did you know their lighting range reaches the aquarium realm, too? Like Pond One’s Creators, Philips’ UV lamps are compact and germicidal, with a single-ended base that allows easy replacement. They’re also compatible with most standard UV clarifiers, including Pond One’s ClearTec UV Clarifier. If you have Philips electronics around your house, you’ll know they’re a trustworthy brand. Why not test the waters with them in your home aquarium?


When a Pond UV Light Isn’t Enough


In virtually all cases, a pond filter and UV light should keep your aquarium clear of green muck, but if you want to up your algae-busting game, you can always invest in some fish pond algae treatment products. As part of your general aquarium upkeep, you should use fish pond treatment products to maintain water quality and keep your fish thriving. Regardless of whether you house a single fish or a whole school of them, keeping an aquarium requires work — but it’s very rewarding work when happy fish prove themselves to be the colourful fruit of your labours. Algae will cause greenness around the gills, but with optimal water quality, everything becomes clear.


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At Aquarium Kingdom, we have everything you need to keep your fish happy. Browse our online range of pond UV light replacement bulbs — or whatever else you need for your aquarium — today!