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Need air pump accessories for your fish tank? Aquarium Kingdom has you covered! Our extensive online store has everything you need, from air pumps themselves to smaller accessories. such as airline suction cups. If you’re setting up an aquarium for the first time, we can help you find the items required to make a safe, healthy and pleasant environment for your fish. Alternatively, if you have a well-functioning aquarium but are experiencing some issues, we can also assist. Parts of the aquarium air pump system can become worn or damaged over time, and will cease to function effectively or at all. In these cases, you have options beyond simply replacing the air pump. Aquarium Kingdom stocks multiple spare parts and accessories so that you only need a quick, cheap and easy fix to get your air pump back in action.


Discover Lots of Aquarium Air Pump Accessories for Beginners


New to owning a home aquarium? Start with the basics. Since air pumps require airline tubing and air stones to function, you should browse our collection of aquarium air pump kits. Airline tubing connects the air pumps to the airstones, and our varieties fit most standard air pump outlets and accessories. We have several options in terms of length and colour, with black airline tubing actually deterring the growth of algae in the airline. Our airstones are also available in several shapes, including balls, starfish, shells, cylinders, sticks and flexible tubes, or circles encased in discs. Their purpose is to circulate the water, which generates oxygen and enriches the environment.


These air pump kits also include items such as diaphragms, check valves and rubber feet. Check valves are a preventative tool — they stop water from back-siphoning in the case of a power outage. Back-siphoning can not only ruin an air pump, but empty an aquarium, causing real harm to befall your fish and your home.


On the subject of prevention, it’s also a good idea to buy a battery air pump for your fish tank. These are a great backup during an unexpected power outage and will actually save your fish in this kind of event. Battery air pumps are also useful for transporting live fish and bait.


Furthermore, it is good to know when you should replace certain parts of your air pump to keep it functioning properly. You should replace your diaphragm, for example, when the air pressure drops or when the air pump gets too noisy. Airstones, on the other hand, should be replaced around every three months.


If you can’t identify the issue with your air pump, you can always ask the experienced staff at Aquarium Kingdom. Whether the solution lies in our fish tank and aquarium air stone and airline kits or not, we can direct you towards the appropriate fix.


Where to Get Aquarium Air Pump Supplies in Australia


Aquarium Kingdom is a trusted supplier of air pumps, as well as all manner of aquarium equipment. If you need air pump supplies fast, our online store is the only place to go. We have exceptional products at affordable prices — but don’t worry, there’s nothing fishy going on here! Check out our range today and see for yourself!


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