AquaClear Hang-on Filter and Filter Media Inserts

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AquaClear Hang on filters are still a powerhouse after all these years. AquaClear Filters provide three essential forms of filtration: mechanical, chemical, and biological. The filters can be customised with a range of replacement filter media inserts.


About Us

Hagen AquaClear has been making the world’s best-selling clip-on aquarium filter since 1978. Its success and longevity are a result of consistent design quality.

AquaClear is synonymous with the clip-on aquarium power filter. In fact, we invented the first one ever with a hermetically-sealed pump in the late 1970s.

AquaClear’s enduring success is based on a simple chamber basket design that allows you to customize filter media to suit your aquarium needs.

The power behind AquaClear is that we empower the fish-hobbyist.


AquaClear Hang-on Filters Online


Aquarium Kingdom online shop offers the full range of Aquaclear filters. We stock the full range of replacement filter media inserts like the foam pads, activated carbon, ammonia removers and also the BioMax biological rocks.

Don't forget to check out the range of Aquaclear filter spare parts. Buy now and have them shipped anywhere in Australia.