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What are biological supplements and bio starters?

Biological supplements and bio starters can help you establish a healthy population of beneficial bacteria in your aquarium filter. Good bacteria colonies provide essential support for fish health and can improve water quality. Bio-Starters are pre-mixed cultures of beneficial microorganisms that provide a jump start for establishing good colony numbers.


Why do we use good bacteria to start up an aquarium?

When you set up a new aquarium, you need to add good bacteria to the water to get the biological cycle going. The beneficial bacteria found in a healthy aquarium break down ammonia and nitrite into less harmful compounds. These bacteria are essential to the health of an aquarium and its inhabitants. Ammonia and nitrite are deadly to fish, but good bacteria convert these toxins into nitrate, which is much less harmful.


When do we add bacterial supplements to the aquarium?

Bacteria supplements can be added to an aquarium on a regular basis, especially when performing water changes or after cleaning the aquarium filter. These supplements provide beneficial bacteria that help to keep the aquarium clean and functioning properly.