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Aqua One Fish Tank Light Bulb


If your Aqua One lights for your Aqua One Aquariums need replacing, you’ve stopped at the correct kingdom. At Aquarium Kingdom, we have a stellar selection of Aqua One LED light replacements available at our online store. From Aqua One replacement light units to various sizes of LED fish tank light bulbs. Good lighting acts like the sun, illuminating the fish tank to signal the start of a new day.


Why Aqua One LED Lights?


While fluorescent tubes was the popular lighting choice one to two decades ago, LED lighting has become the firm favourite in recent years — and it’s not difficult to see why. LED Lights are more energy efficient than their fluorescent counterparts, LED fish tank light bulbs also provide a brighter light output and offer a more extensive array of lighting effects and colour options making them great value.


Aqua One LED light units also have flexibility on their side due to their slim design. Some measuring just four to five millimetres thick, this compact size allows them to be positioned in at the front, back or middle of the tank easily. Fluorescent light units require a larger amount of space to place them.


LED fish tank light bulb also play a critical role in motivating plant and coral growth, as well as maintaining fish wellbeing. From a human perspective, LED light enhances the aesthetic experience of your fish tank, casting a stunning light over your slice of underwater wonderland.


Which Aqua One Aquarium Light?


We also carry a range of Aqua One fish tank light bulbs for your Aqua One AquaStyle aquariums, The older tanks use a compact fluorescent bulb while the newer versions use LED Lights. So let’s shed some light on which suits what tank. If you look around our collection, you’ll notice each Aqua One light bulb has one or more of the following labels: Sunlight, Tropical and Marine Blue. Each label refers to different lighting effects built to emulate natural environmental conditions. Let’s examine what they each mean:


  • Sunlight


As the name may suggest, the sunlight lighting emulates the sun’s natural light spectrum. A refreshing white light, this style brightens an aquarium’s interior, encourages plant growth, and enhances the colour and aesthetics of a fish’s scales.


  • Tropical


Drawing from the blue and red light spectrums, tropical lighting strives to recreate the optimum wavelengths plants need for photosynthesis. Of course, the natural consequence of this process is bounteous plant growth — and, ultimately, an idyllic underwater oasis for your fish. Goldfish and (unsurprisingly) tropical fish also look their best beneath a tropical glow.


  • Marine Blue


Mellow marine blue lighting aims to capture the natural blue light of the ocean’s depths. Specific marine invertebrates welcome this, as it aids in their photosynthesis process. Humans enjoy it for its aesthetic effect: highlighting their fishes’ fluorescent colours.


Beyond Aqua One Lights & Replacing Them


Aquarium Kingdom is home to all your favourite fishy brands. We offer a wide selection of aquarium spare parts including Aqua One spare parts and AquaClear spare parts. Alternatively, you may wish to investigate our Fluval spare parts: another popular category in our kingdom. While an Aqua One LED light may be key to keeping a happy and healthy tank, an air pump will leave it clean and oxygenated. In that case, you may want to check out our range of Schego air pump spare parts. Don’t forget we have a range of aquarium UV replacement bulbs if you need to replace a bulb for your UV Steriliser.


Have Your Lightbulb Moment With an Aqua One Light Replacement


Whether your LED fish tank light bulb is flickering and unreliable, you’re seeking a lighting upgrade, or you’re fresh to fish tank tinkering, you can find a high-quality and durable Aqua One light bulb in our collection. Shop online today and treat your fish like kings — with your catch from Aquarium Kingdom!


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