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What Makes Schego Spare Parts & Accessories So Great?


Schego are specialists in the design and manufacturing of aquarium air pumps. For over 65 years, they’ve been making durable and reliable aquarium air pumps out of high-grade materials in Germany. With sustainability as one of their core values, Schego produces spare parts to suit all of their air pumps.


This means that when parts of your Schego products become worn or experience damage, you can simply replace them, rather than having to replace the mechanism in its entirety. This is not only less wasteful, but much easier on your pocket. For instance, if you have a Schego Optimal, you can get the specific Schego Optimal air pump spare parts you need right now in our store.


Easily Fix Your Air Pump With Schego Spare Parts


Aquarium Kingdom has a huge range of Schego Ideal air pump spare parts and other popular Schego pumps to choose from. This includes easy-to-replace air filter felt and quiet, reliable diaphragms, as well as diaphragm air chamber kits. We also have non-return valves or check valves that prevent water from back-siphoning down your airline when there is a power outage.


These spare parts are important because back-siphoning can ruin your Schego air pump and empty your aquarium, which can lead to ruined floors and shock hazards. Additionally, our high-grade air stones are designed to suit all Schego air pumps, as well as most other standard air pumps. These products are extremely low maintenance and have low back pressure. Plus, all of Schego’s air pumps are Australian-approved and have an Australian plug for easy convenience.


Find Schego Spare Parts at Australia’s Aquarium Kingdom


If you need Schego parts shipped anywhere in Australia, Aquarium Kingdom is the place to go. Our Schego range, including Schego Prima air pump spare parts, reflect the quality and specialisation that is represented by all Aquarium Kingdom products. As aquarium enthusiasts ourselves, we have years of personal and professional experience to back our understanding of home aquariums. We know which products are best for what you want to achieve, and love nothing more than sharing our wisdom with others.


When you come to us, you’re welcome to ask any question you have regardless of the stage you’re at in your home aquarium journey. So for Schego spare parts online, look no further than Aquarium Kingdom. Shop our store today and you’ll be swimming in high-quality products in no time!


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