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EHEIM, developed over 70 years ago from humble beginnings, is now the world's leading manufacturer of external aquarium filters. Today, the company group is probably the best known supplier of aquariums, aquarium technology, equipment and accessories


About Us

EHEIM is probably the best known supplier of aquariums, aquarium technology, equipment and accessories. The EHEIM name has become an international brand generally synonymous with high quality. The standard “Made in Germany” also plays an important role.

Over 80% of all EHEIM products are fully developed and manufactured in Germany. A small percentage of products are developed and manufactured in other EU countries, but every detail is meticulously examined and monitored in Germany where EHEIM guarantees the best materials, skill and precision.

The label "Made in Germany" not only contributes to customer satisfaction, but also to sustainability as the products are designed for reliability, functionality and optimum safety, ensuring a long service life. There are also constant improvements in terms of energy efficiency and, with EHEIM at the forefront, new products with higher efficiency and lower power consumption are constantly being introduced into the market.

Our objective to always offer our customers the best, has made EHEIM one of the most important suppliers of aquariums and upholds the quality standard "Made in Germany" all over the world. Recently, EHEIM once again won the "World Branding Award" as Brand of the Year.

Eheim Aquarium Products Online

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