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Maintaining the proper temperature in your fish tank using an aquarium chiller or fish tank heater is critical to keep your fish healthy and happy. Aquarium heaters are used to maintain a consistent water temperature in the aquarium. There are many different types and sizes of aquarium heaters, but they all work using the same basic principle. The heater is placed in the aquarium and uses electricity to heat the water. The heater will have a thermostat that controls the temperature of the water. This thermostat will turn the heater on and off as needed to maintain the desired water temperature.


External inline aquarium heaters are connected to the aquarium filter hose of your canister filter or sump pump. As the water moves through the external heater it heats up the water before it is returned to the tank.


In comparison, a fish tank water chiller is a device that is used to cool the water in a fish tank on those warm summer days to maintain the water at the desired water temperature. It works by circulating the water through a cooling coil, which removes heat from the water. The cooled water is then returned to the your tank.


At Aquarium Kingdom, we want to ensure that you can access a wide range of quality, yet cheap, aquarium heaters and chillers to best suit your fish’s needs. That’s why our extensive range of aquarium heaters, coolers and chillers is carefully curated to ensure all sorts of fish owners can find just what they’re after. We also have plenty of additional aquarium supplies to ensure your fish is healthy and happy every day.


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Of course, if you want to be sure your fish are enjoying their favourite water temperature, it’s best to have an aquarium thermometer on hand too. These devices give you an accurate reading, ensuring that you can double-check the temperature setting of your tank heater or chiller quickly and easily.


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Did you know even a temperature difference of 1–3 degrees can be enough to cause your fish to get sick? That’s why it’s vital to include a fish tank heater or chiller as part of your aquarium set-up. Thankfully, at Aquarium Kingdom, you’ll find a range of cheap and affordable fish tank heaters and chillers to keep your fish comfortable all-year round. So, search our range today!


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