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What Do Aquarium Air Pumps Do?


An aquarium air pump is a must-have aquarium supply. This essential piece of equipment circulates and oxygenates the water, providing a healthy environment for your fish. Fish need oxygen to breathe, just like we do. Most fish use their gills to absorb dissolved oxygen from the water.


Usually, your aquarium filter should provide enough water movement and surface agitation to oxygenate the water, so your fish can breathe easily. However, if your tank is heavily stocked or if you just enjoy watching bubbles rise through the water, we recommend getting an air pump for your aquarium. This will help keep the water aerated and healthy for your fish.


Do I Need an Aquarium Air Pump?


There are many reasons why you might need an air pump for your aquarium. Below are just some of the instances where you might need to install an aquarium aerator.


1. Low Oxygen in Fish Tank


A tank that has low oxygen will benefit from having an aquarium air pump. This is because pumping air into the water allows bubbles to form and as these bubbles rise to the top, they burst and break the surface tension. This in turn allows more oxygen to be dissolved into the water.


2. To Increase Water Circulation


In some cases, the flow of your aquarium filter may not be strong enough to move the water surface of some parts of your tank. An aquarium air pump will help circulate the water and stop areas of your fish tank from becoming stagnant.


3. To Replicate Natural Conditions


As fish will benefit from experiencing natural water settings, some aquarium owners may want to recreate the natural conditions of a medium to fast-flowing body of water. By installing a large aquarium air pump, you can increase the overall water flow in your fish tank.


4. Required for Sponge or Gravel Filters


Aquarium air pumps may be necessary for certain aquarium equipment such as sponge filters or under-gravel filters. This is because air is used to draw water through the sponge or gravel to filter the water.


Choosing the Right Air Pump


The fish tank or aquarium air pump you need will normally depend on the size of the tank and the type of air stone you wish to use. As a rule of thumb, larger air stones will require a more powerful aquarium air pump.


Air pumps or fish tank aerator pumps come in different sizes from small pumps with single or dual outlets, to air pumps with four outlets. Aquarium Kingdom also stocks larger pond air pumps with over 10 outlets which are typically used for fish rooms or ponds.


Small air stones such as the Aqua One Ball Air Stone 2.5cm can be used with most air pumps. For air discs or air stones up to 10cm, a small-to-medium air pump is required, whereas medium-to-large air pumps are recommended for air curtains or longer air stones.


Single outlet air pumps are perfect for small fish tanks while larger aquariums will benefit from using a twin outlet air pump and having one air stone on each side of the tank. For fish tanks deeper than 60cm, it is recommended to choose the Schego WS2 or WS3 air pumps as they are designed to pump up to 1m deep.


How Aquarium Kingdom Can Help?


When it comes to maintaining your fish tank, you’ll only want the best products and equipment to ensure your fish are well taken care of. At Aquarium Kingdom, we are highly knowledgeable about all aquarium-related things and are dedicated to providing our customers with only the best products and services from durable battery air pumps to the perfect decor. If you’re looking to buy a good air pump for your aquarium, we have a huge variety, including high volume air pumps, as well as parts. Explore our range today!


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