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AquaClear Spare Parts in Australia


At Aquarium Kingdom, we stock a wide range of genuine AquaClear spare parts and accessories to ensure your AquaClear hang-on filter runs efficiently to keep your aquariums clean and clear. So, whether you’ve noticed some wear and tear on a particular part or simply want to have some spare parts on hand, you can find what you need in our collection of AquaClear spare parts online.


A Deeper Dive Into AquaClear Parts in Australia


AquaClear hang-on filters are known for their quality and reliability. However, over time parts do experience some wear and tear or require replacement due to damage. That’s why we have all the AquaClear spare parts necessary to ensure your hang-on filter runs smoothly without having to replace the complete filter.


Perhaps the most critical part of any filter is the part that catches and breaks down all debris. Among our AquaClear parts are the filter inserts that do just that, as well as foster the growth of beneficial bacteria. These activated carbon, ammonia remover, foam and ‘BioMax’ inserts are part of Aquaclear’s multi-stage filtration system to keep your aquarium water crystal clear. Every 2–3 months, however, the inserts will reach their absorbent capacity and will need to be replaced. So, are yours due for a change?


Another important component of any fish tank filter is the impeller, which keeps the water cycling through the filter. We recommend cleaning the impeller every few months. Cleaning the impeller is the most neglected step. Over time slime and waste accumulate in the impeller, which reduces the output of the motor and can cause it to stop working completely altogether. Pull the impeller out of the motor unit. Clean the impeller and the motor unit with a hose cleaning brush and some water. The pump should work as good as new after a quick clean. With convenient shipping Australia-wide it is easy to replace ageing parts and filter inserts, making it easy to ensure your AquaClear filters run efficiently all year round.


Fishing for Something Else?


If AquaClear parts aren’t your cup of algae tea, why not cast your eyes (and hook) over our other brands? We offer a selection of replacement spare parts from your favourite brands of aquarium filters. Check out the range of EHEIM spare parts, Fluval spare parts and Aqua One spare parts, and you’ll be choosing quality genuine parts that will ensure a proper fit and compatibility to get the best performance from your aquarium filter.


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The bedrock of Aquarium Kingdom is its team of home aquarium experts. We want everyone to be able to create a slice of underwater paradise in their own home, and we provide everything you need to make that happen. Shop with us and you’ll find filters, fish food and supplies, aquatic plant care products, cleaning and maintenance must-haves, and even aesthetic tank additions—which can add visual appeal for humans and create stimulating environments for fish. At Aquarium Kingdom, we sell high-quality tank accessories at an affordable price so that anyone can get started. Ask our knowledgeable team for some recommendations today.


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Water is to fish as air is to humans—and as home aquarium curators, it’s on us to keep our fishes’ environment breathable. Make sure you maintain your filter regularly by rinsing the media with aquarium water and replacing any filter inserts when required, and keeping the moving parts in good nick. At Aquarium Kingdom, we stock all the spare parts and accessories you’ll need from AquaClear. Check out our range today and please reach out if you have any questions!


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