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Why Is Algae Treatment for Fish Ponds Important?


Algae control is a substantial part of maintaining a clean, healthy pond environment that can sustain and support your fish. Algae will compete with your fish for oxygen. This competition becomes particularly intense during night hours, since oxygen is only produced during the ‘daytime’ part of the photosynthesis cycle. Algae starves the water of oxygen and can place stress upon any fish with which it shares its environment. This is why it’s so important to keep algae levels at a minimum. Reducing algae within the pond will allow your fish to breathe easier and lower their risk of developing harmful diseases. If you notice that your pond water is green, we highly recommend you look into pond algae control products as soon as possible.


Choose Algae Control Products for Your Pond


At Aquarium Kingdom, we have several types of pond algae control products as part of our overall pond water treatments range. Our ultraviolet clarifier lights, for example, are especially effective for the long-term control of algae and for ensuring the water doesn’t turn green over time. The UV clarifier operates by exposing the pond water to ultraviolet light, which destroys the algae spores resulting in clearer water throughout the year. Your pond is exposed to more sunlight during the warmer seasons which means algae can exponentially grow if not kept under control. For optimal UV clarifier performance we recommend you replace your ultraviolet (UV) bulbs yearly during the Spring or Summer.


We also have treatments that control the growth of unattractive algae and algae control blocks that prevent its occurrence. API Pondcare Algaefix is a formula designed to control the main and more persistent types of algae whilst also being safe around pond plants. Other pond chemicals for algae include Pond One Algae Eliminator, which is appropriate for use in freshwater aquariums and ornamental fish ponds, as well as in cold water and tropical environments. Please be aware that some algae treatments may also harm plants, so always read the label on the bottle.


Shop Other Supplies for Pond & Aquarium Maintenance


Algae treatments for fish ponds cover just one category of pond maintenance. In order to ensure your fish are taken care of as well as possible, there are many other aquarium supplies you might need to consider. These include things like highly nutritious fish food, anti-fungal treatments and water-testing equipment. Additional pond water treatments, such as water conditioners, aquarium salt and sludge destroyers, are also vital for the quality of your water and subsequent health of your fish. Maintaining a liveable environment for your fish will additionally require the use of cleaning tools for fish ponds, such as cleaning brushes for filter pipes, hoses and impellers.


Sourcing Exceptional Products for Pond Algae Control


When it comes to caring for your fish, it’s vital that you keep a close eye on their environment. Pond algae control products can drastically improve your fish’s health, as well as the aesthetics of your pond. So, make sure to stock up at Aquarium Kingdom.


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