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Here you will find healthy and particularly easily digestible range of sera fish food for all your freshwater fish. Available in flakes, pellets, granules and sinking wafers. Your fish will be spoilt for choice.


About Us

The success story of sera began more than five decades ago: Josef Ravnak - who already had gained excellent reputation with the selling live food for aquariums -, founded his own company in 1970. He first worked as a one man enterprise and developed the company into a leading supplier within the aquarium, pond and terrarium industry step by step.

The food range has always been the main business segment. sera revolutionized the branch with a unique freeze drying procedure in the 1970s. Conserving different food organisms, such as bloodworms or Tubifex, while optimally preserving their nutrients and vitamins became possible for the first time.

The high quality food types of the company quickly became a synonym for quality, reliability and appropriate nutrition. sera Vipan is a good example. The flake food classic has been in the product range since 1972 and still belongs to the bestsellers.

Today, the sera range comprises an almost gapless complete range with matching products for the freshwater, marine, pond and terrarium ranges.

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Shop for all your favourite Sera fish foods online at Aquarium Kingdom. The best sellers include Sera Vipan, Vipagran, Flora, Discus granules, Goldy, sera o-nip and sera micron.

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