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Aqua One Precision Air Pumps Online

Aqua One Precision air pumps are great value for money and have been our best-selling fish tank air pumps for years! They are available in 5 sizes, making it easy to find the perfect air pump for your aquarium.

The Precision 1500 and 2500 are single outlet air pumps that are perfect for use in smaller aquariums! These pumps are incredibly quiet and provide ample airflow for your fish to thrive.

The Precision 7500 and Precision 9500 are dual outlet air pumps that are perfect for medium to larger aquariums. If you want to run a sponge filter or longer air stone, these pumps are great!

The Precision 12000 air pumps have four outlets and are perfect for larger aquariums with multiple air stones. Plus, they're great for breeding set-ups or running multiple tanks at once.

Aqua One Precision Air Pumps Spare Parts Online

The Precision air pumps have a rubber diaphragm inside the pump that pushes essential oxygen through air tubing into the fish tank. These diaphragms wear out over time, resulting in a loss of airflow or a noisy air pump. Replacing the diaphragm will keep your air pump working like new again!!

Always keep a spare set of diaphragms on hand, just in case they wear out sooner than expected! We recommend replacing the diaphragms annually to keep your unit performing at its best.

You can find replacement Precision air pump diaphragms online at Aquarium Kingdom! We also have airline, airstones and air pump accessories to get your air pump set up just the way you like it.