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Fluval is a well-regarded player in the home aquarium game, so of course you can find Fluval spare parts in our online store. With over 100 items to peruse, we have everything you could use to build a user-friendly and reliable canister filtration system. Before you sink your fins into the joys of Fluval canister filter parts, though, let’s get a fish-eye view of their full range of filter parts. After all, there’s more than one way to house a fish!


About Fluval’s Spare Parts and Accessories


The canister filter first hit shelves in 1982 and continues to thrive over 40 years on. When it came to providing top-of-the-line canister filtration systems, Fluval hit the ground swimming and has barely come up for air since. Like many other brands, Fluval provides parts Australia-wide and around the world, but few brands can claim that they founded the three-stage filter with synchronous motor technology. If you check throughout our online store, this design is not exclusive to Fluval’s spare parts but rather manifests throughout the home aquarium industry. Valuing innovation, quality, accessibility and social responsibility, Fluval was the founder of this fantastic way to house a flounder: via a thorough, three-tiered filtration system.


For decades, Fluval has worked towards a sustainable future where fish and humankind can coexist in harmony. A home aquarium overachiever, they stock spare parts for a few different designs of filter—such as the hang-on and internal filters, along with their canister filters. Among our Fluval hang-on filter parts are all the activated carbon and foam inserts you’ll need to purify your water, as well ammonia removers in various sizes. We also stock magnetic impellers to keep your water cycling, mini motor units to keep your filter running and whole hang-on filters for starting from scratch.


Finally, for those who prefer to keep it all compact, we stock underwater filters that work their magic inside the tank—i.e. internally. Our Fluval U series internal filter parts mostly consist of different-sized filters to suit a range of aquariums and fish tanks. Of course, we also stock genuine replacement foam sponges and carbon cartridges to keep debris at bay.


We have a complete selection of Fluval spare parts for the range of Fluval canister filters and the FX series of high-performance canisters. These parts include Aquastop valves, impellers, o-rings and sealing rings, motor units, ribbed hosing, and all replacement sponges and filter media needed to keep your Fluval filters running smoothly.


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Filter talk can be overwhelming, especially if you’re just starting out. Should you choose a canister, hang-on or internal filter? And is there a significant difference between each one? At Aquarium Kingdom, we’re here to streamline the process of setting up your home aquarium by providing expert advice and recommendations. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned enthusiast, we’re always here to lend a hand and nudge you in the right direction. We want you to create the best home aquarium you can, which is why we offer the highest-quality products at affordable prices. Why not check out our aquarium filters, fish food, aquatic plant care products, cleaning supplies or tank decorations?


Get Fluval Spare Parts in Australia


You don’t have to own fish to know how critical a clean tank is to health. Just as polluted air takes a respiratory toll, tainted waters rife with debris and algae will negatively impact a fish. Luckily, we stock Fluval spare parts online—among many other brands—to help you build the perfect filter or keep your current one running. Filter maintenance is a labour of love, so it’s important to regularly restock the media, replace the inserts and take care of all moving parts. Browse our range of Fluval parts today and take the next step towards a cleaner tank. We’re always available to help, so please drop us a line if you’d like some assistance!


Get Fluval Spare Parts Faster


We understand when your aquarium filter breaks down, getting your spare parts quickly can make all the difference. We carry a large quantity of the most common Fluval spare parts ready to ship out. We also offer Express Postage at checkout to get them to you quickly throughout Australia.


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