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Why You Need an External Fish Tank Filter?


When it comes to keeping your aquarium water clean and clear, you can never go wrong with an external fish tank filter. External canister filters are a popular choice among fish enthusiasts mostly due to their large size. This larger volume means you can pack in more mechanical, biological, and chemical filter media — perfect for growing the beneficial bacteria needed to break down your fish’s waste.


Furthermore, aquarium canister filters are highly compatible and can be used in different setups such as freshwater tanks, turtle tanks, and even saltwater aquariums. The flexibility of the different types of filter media available allows you to create the perfect filtration system for your tank.


Our Aquarium Canister Filter Buying Guide


When looking for the best canister filter, there are some important factors you should consider that will affect how effective your filtration system will be. These factors include:


1. Size of Your Aquarium


The most crucial factor when choosing a filter for your aquarium is how big or small your fish tank is. Most filters come with a recommended tank size which can make it much easier to decide which is the best for your setup. However, in case of uncertainty, it is always recommended to opt for a larger canister filter rather than a small one for your aquarium. This is because over-filtering won’t ever hurt your fish, but under-filtering can be extremely harmful to them.


2. Required Flow Rate


As a general rule, we recommend that you buy a canister filter, which can filter the total volume of water in your aquarium at least four times per hour. Canister filters are usually preferred over other types of filters by most fish owners since they tend to have a higher flow rate. Make sure to purchase a filter according to the specifications of your tank to ensure the best results.


3. Stocking Levels


Another factor that you should consider when buying a water canister filter is how heavily stocked your tank is. If you have a large number of fish in your tank, they will produce a large amount of waste. In this case, your tank will need more filtration as compared to a tank that stocks less fish. For instance, a turtle tank will need more filtration when compared to a group of small schooling fish.


4. Aquarium Canister Filter Media


When choosing a filter, it is important to consider how much media it can hold. Most fish tank canister filters can hold a few different types of media. These media can include ceramic noodles, coarse or fine sponges, some biological media, and a fine wool filter pad. Chemical filter media like carbon or ammonia removers can also be added to your tank. The best canister filter is one that can hold a combination of all three types of media.


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