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A water feature such as a pond or waterfall offers a multitude of aesthetic and psychological benefits. Water features not only give a sense of calmness but can increase focus and reduce stress as well as improve sleep patterns.


What you need for effective fish pond care?


Some pond supplies you may need are pond pumps, pond filters, UV Clarifiers, and pond air pumps. Have a look through our range of backyard fish pond supplies.


Pond Pumps


A pond water pump is used to move and circulate the water in a pond or to pump water to a filter or water feature. This water movement agitates the water allowing more oxygen to be dissolved into the water for the fish. A good pond pump should ideally circulate 4 to 5 times the water volume of the pond in an hour.


Remember pump considerations are different for a waterfall because you will need to take into consideration the head height and how far the water feature is from the pump. Having a higher head height decreases the flow rate, so a more powerful pump is required. We have pumps catering to a variety of ponds and water feature supplies, with flow rates ranging between 600 L/H to 16500 L/H.


Pond Pressure filters


Filters are an essential piece of pond equipment for keeping the water clean and clear. Pond pressure filters are the most popular type of pond filter. These days most pressure filters also include a UV Clarifier to kill unwanted algae, the culprit which turns pond water green.


How does a pressure filter work?


A pond pump is used to pump water through the pressure filter which usually sits outside the pond or buried in the ground near the pond. Inside the pressure filter there is usually a series of foam sponges and some filter rocks to provide both mechanical and biological filtration.


As the water passes through the sponges and filter media, the good bacteria break down the fish waste trapped within. If the pressure filter has a UV Clarifier, the water will move through the UV Clarifier before the clean water is then pumped to the water feature or pumped back into the pond.


Pond UV Clarifiers


One of the most common problems faced by outdoor pond owners is algae growth. One tell-tale sign of algae growth is when your pond looks like pea soup. Algae grows when excess nutrients in the water are combined with too much sunlight. Having live plants can help block out some of the sunlight and use up the excess nutrients in the water.


Look through our pond supply store for pond chemicals like API AlgaeFix or pond algae blocks to remove algae quickly. Keep in mind you will need to add these regularly during the warmer months. For a long-term solution, we recommend using a Pond UV Clarifier like the Pond One ClearTec Ultra Violet Clarifier. As water passes through the UV Clarifier, the UV lamp eliminates the microscopic algae spores resulting in clearer water.


Pond Air Pumps


Adding a pond air pump will increase water movement, add oxygen, and reduce stagnant water. We have a range of pond aeration supplies to connect to the Pond One O2 Plus Range of pond air pumps.


Pond Chemicals


We also stock all the necessary fish pond care chemicals from the API Pond care range. This range includes water conditioners to remove chlorine and chloramines from tap water just like you do for a fish tank. It’s important to keep a range of fish pond supplies on hand such as water clarifiers and pond test kits to help maintain your water feature or pond.


Fish Pond Accessories


Our outdoor fish pond accessories include pond lights and pond maintenance equipment. Holiday fish food blocks are great to have if you are planning a weekend away because they slowly dissolve in the water ensuring a good nutrient supply until you return.


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