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With aquarium breeding caves and cones, you can give your fish a little privacy. Whether you interpret it as a retreat from which they can escape their day-to-day display or as a safe space to lay their eggs is up to you. In any case, if you’ve noticed a little finny ‘footwork’ going on inside your tank—or, in the case of goldfish, extended ‘chasey’ sessions coupled with nipping at the tail and fins—it may be high time to invest in a breeding cave for your fish. After all, who wouldn’t want a cosy nook to raise their brood?


Breeding Caves Stylised for Fish Comfort


If your fish are going to attend the Enchantment Under the Sea dance, so to speak, they’ll need to be comfortable. That’s why our collection features fish breeding caves carved from actual rock, including granite and marble. Like a fish’s own miniature sea cave, these fish tank ornaments are not unlike something your fish would find in nature. Pair it with some aquatic plants and you’ve got a pretty good simulation of a natural habitat, which your fish should take to like a duck to water.


Want more space for fish eggs? We also stock breeding tubes and spawning bricks, both of which provide a greater surface area for fish to lay the groundwork of their next generation. Browse our collection of breeding caves to find the right fit for your fish and tank.


Foster Fertility With Breeding Cones for the Fish Tank


If fish fertility is something you want to encourage, you may wish to invest in breeding cones for your fish tank. If a breeding cave is a den for your fish, then a breeding cone is a porous spire that promotes fertility and encourages beneficial bacteria to colonise. So, how does this spire inspire fish fertility? So long as the eggs attach to the surface, they’ll stand a greater chance of coming to fruition. Please note that breeding cones may only be suitable for discus fish, angel fish or substrate spawners. Be sure to read the product description to check if a breeding cone is right for your fish.


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If you want to add a little spice to your fish tank—or grow your fish population—be sure to stock up on the right equipment. Shop breeding caves and cones online at Australia’s top home aquarium shop: Aquarium Kingdom! From lending a fin in fish reproduction to stocking the most aesthetic plastic aquarium plants, we do what we can to ensure you get what you want out of your home aquarium experience. Check out our range today and be sure to reach out if you require assistance!


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