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Airline, Air Stones & Air Accessories for Aquarium Air Pumps


In addition to purchasing the air pump, you'll need to purchase the airline tubing and an air stone to get air into your aquarium.


Attach the airline tubing to the air pump outlet. There is usually a connector on the pump that will fit the tubing. You will then need to run the airline tubing to your fish tank. Connect an aquarium air stone to the other end of the airline tubing and you are all set. We have a selection of air stones, air discs, and flexible airstones to create the look you desire.


You may need to use some airline accessories such as control valves to adjust the amount of bubbles going into the aquarium. A check valve is used to prevent water from going back into the air pump when there is a power outage. Back-siphoning can ruin your air pump, empty your aquarium, damage your floors and create a shock hazard. Airline suction cups can be used to secure the airline to the back of the aquarium, keeping everything tidy and in place!