Lee's Aquarium Gravel Vacuum

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Aquarium Cleaning & Maintenance is made easier using the Lee's Ultra GravelVac to remove harmful waste from gravel, while performing a water change at the same time.


About Us

Lee's Aquarium & Pet Products was founded in 1975 by Lee and Mary Jo Schultz. Lee's continues to be family owned and operated, with 2nd and 3rd generation family members among our approximately 50 employees. Our offices, manufacturing and distribution facilities occupy two buildings and are located in San Marcos, California. Our manufacturing functions include plastic extrusion, injection molding, assembly, and packaging.

Approximately, 90% of Lee's products are made in the USA, manufactured and packaged in the U.S.A., at our San Marcos facility. By manufacturing our own products, Lee's consistently maintains product quality and our order turn-around time is measured in days, not weeks or months.

Lee's Gravel Vacuum Online

Gravel cleaning is an essential part of maintaining a clean fish tank. Over time food and debris get trapped and build up in the aquarium substrate. By using the Lee's aquarium gravel vac you can easily siphon out the fish waste from the bottom of the gravel while removing the dirty water from the aquarium at the same time. We recommend doing a 20-30% waterchange every 2-3 weeks.

Aquarium Kingdom have the right sized gravel vacuum to suit your aquarium. Purchase the one that suits your aquarium and fish tank cleaning easier.