Philips Replacement UV Light Bulbs

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Philips has the right UVC lamp for every size of pond UVC device. Not only do our lamps provide a constant, best in class UVC performance; after one full year operation (9000 hours), they still provide >80% UVC output.


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At Philips, our purpose is to improve people’s health and well-being through meaningful innovation. We aim to improve 2.5 billion lives per year by 2030, including 400 million in underserved communities.

Keep your pond clear and healthy all year round – with the Philips Aquatic range of UVC lamps

Algae can upset the natural balance in your fish pond, spoiling its visual appeal and spreading harmful diseases to the fish. UVC lamps are the engine behind your UV device, providing the power that keeps the water clear of algae and bacteria. Not enough UVC power and your device can’t keep your pond crystal clear. So it’s vital that the lamps and UVC device are designed to work together to maximise performance.

Philips UV Lamps Online

We at Aquarium Kingdom recommend you change your UV clarifier globes every 12 months. The best time to change the UV bulbs is during the warmer months which is spring and summer in Australia. Algae thrives in warmer water, so a new replacement UV lamp is most beneficial during this time to keep your aquarium or pond crystal clear.

The Philips replacement UV Lamps are designed with world-leading low levels of mercury, long life and high efficacy and are made in Poland. Philips UV bulbs are available in a range of sizes starting at 5 watts all the way up to 36 watts.

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