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Aquarium fish require a varied diet of fish food to stay healthy and nourished. But what do fishes eat in aquariums? It is important to know what fish food is best for your fish as some prefer veggies, whilst others are carnivorous and prefer something meaty. The good news is that Aquarium Kingdom offers several varieties of fish food specifically designed to suit the needs of your aquarium fish.


What Food Should I Be Feeding My Fish?


Aquarium fish food can come in dried, freeze-dried or frozen varieties. What you need to know is which type of fish food is the most suitable for your species of fish. But did you also know that the age of your fish can affect the food they need? That's why baby fish food exists! It has all the necessary nutrients required to help young fish grow healthy and strong. That being said, let’s dive right into the different types of fish food.


Dried Fish Food


The most popular types of fish food are the dried fish food varieties which include flakes, crisps, pellets, granules, and wafers. The great thing about these dried varieties is that you can buy bulk fish food, which, if stored properly, can last for years as they have a long shelf life. These varieties are to be used according to the kind of aquarium fish you have.

Surface feeders, such as smaller goldfish and guppies, usually prefer flakes as they tend to float at the top of the tank. Aquarium fish food flakes are also available in vegetable options for fish who prefer their veggies.

Want something that dissolves a bit slower than flakes? Crisps can be a good option as they are denser and retain their shape and nutrients longer, making them great for top and mid-level feeders.

Pellets come in floating or sinking varieties depending on which part of the tank your fish prefer to swim. Floating pellets are relatively more buoyant which makes them a great option for betta fish food as these fish tend to linger at the surface. A slow-sinking granule will do perfectly for mid-water feeders, like tetras and barbs. For bottom feeders, such as clown loaches and catfish, it is important to find a variety of sinking fish food that will reach the bottom of the tank. Fast-sinking pellets or algae wafers are both great choices for these fish.


Freeze-dried Fish Food


Freeze-dried fish foods are usually live foods, such as blackworms and brine shrimp, that have been freeze dried. These keep for a long time and make for a nice treat. Freeze-dried bloodworms are a popular betta fish food while your goldfish may enjoy some freeze-dried shrimp food.


Frozen Fish Food


These days there is a large selection of frozen fish foods available in the freezer section of your local aquarium shop, the most common being bloodworms and brine shrimp that have been frozen whole. You can also buy frozen fish dinners to suit most freshwater and marine fish varieties.


Vacation Blocks and Automatic Fish Food Feeders


Having fish is great and all, but who’s going to feed them when you’re away on holiday? Never fear, for we have a selection of vacation feeding blocks to choose from. These disintegrate slowly over time ensuring that your fish are fed for up to 14 days. However, if you go away for longer periods of time or have a fish tank in the office, an automatic fish food feeder is the best way to ensure your fish are fed at the right time every day, with no hassle or food wastage whatsoever.

Of course, choosing the right fish food is only half the struggle. How much to feed to your aquarium fish? To ensure your fish are in optimum health, it’s best to feed fish small amounts they can eat within a minute a few times throughout the day rather than one big feed each day.


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