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Turtle Supplies to Keep Your Turtle Happy & Healthy


As with any pet, your turtle needs to be given the appropriate supplies and equipment — food, medication and environment — in order to thrive. This might sound a little intimidating at first, but as long as you do your research, sourcing the correct turtle supplies is easy!


At Aquarium Kingdom, we sell turtle supplies to ensure that your favourite reptile is comfortable in an aquatic space that is as close to its natural habitat as possible. These turtle tank supplies include various water treatments and aquarium cleaners, which break down debris and waste. We also sell calcium blocks for turtles, which help to buffer the pH in the water by reducing acidity and neutralising ammonia. A water conditioner can also be used to make tap water safe. Water conditioners remove chlorine and chloramines present in tap water.


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Along with practical and health-conscious equipment for your turtle tank, you’ll need food and, if they're not feeling well, medications to give directly to your turtle. Treatments and medications for turtles include antibacterial medications that can heal open or damaged tissue and wounds. 


In terms of turtle food online, you can access a wide range of foods that promote the health and nourishment of your turtle in our store. Generally, feeding your turtle small amounts 2–4 times daily over a 5-minute period will give them all the essential vitamins and minerals they need to thrive. But we also have food to target and support specific health areas, such as shell development and structure, metabolism, immune system, skin resilience, and calcium levels. So, find your turtle’s next favourite food and support their health with our various types of turtle food.


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Having a turtle as a pet is incredibly fun and rewarding, but the equipment and supplies they need aren’t generally as accessible as those that are required for cats and dogs. Fortunately, our team at Aquarium Kingdom know everything about turtle care, and specialise in tank supplies for aquatic pets. We stock everything you need to keep your turtle healthy, well fed and nutritionally fulfilled, as well as perfectly at home in their specially designed tank. Aquarium Kingdom is a trusted provider of aquarium accessories, and we are dedicated to helping you have an easy and exciting experience with your new pets. So run — don’t turtle-walk — to our online store and explore our products today!


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