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Aquarium sponge filters are one of the most basic, effective, and economical options for filtering water in a fish tank. Sponge filters are also very easy to set up. All you need is to connect some airline tubing to an aquarium air pump and away you go.


Sponge filters can be used in small tanks, quarantine or isolation tanks, shrimp tanks, or even as an extra filter for a heavily stocked tank.


What are sponge filters good for?


Also known as a fish tank air filter, sponge filters are excellent for breeding tanks, shrimp tanks, or using when raising fish fry. To prevent baby fish from being sucked into the filter, decrease the airflow from the air pump to reduce the strength of the water flow into the sponge.


The aquarium air pump sponge filter has both mechanical and biological filtration capabilities because the sponge is very porous. The sponge provides an ideal breeding ground for good bacteria to consume the debris and detritus trapped in the sponge pores. An added benefit is that baby fish, shrimp, and fish fry can also feed off the bacteria and waste trapped in the sponge.


Does a sponge filter have to be fully submerged?


Yes it does. For an aquarium sponge filter to work effectively the sponge needs to be completely immersed in the water of your tank. The air bubbles need to rise to the surface of the aquarium to draw water through the sponge. This allows any debris collected to become trapped within the sponge pores.


Do sponge filters clean the water?


Sponge air filters are very effective at keeping the tank clear. As water moves through the aquarium sponge filter, the good bacteria will break down the waste that is trapped to keep your tank clean and clear.


How to clean a sponge filter?


It’s important to maintain your air pump and filter for your fish tank. Grab a bucket of aquarium water from your tank. Remove the sponge from the aquarium sponge filter and gently squeeze the sponge several times in the bucket of water. The water in the bucket will become very dirty and cloudy.


Cleaning frequency will depend on your bioload, however, aim for every month and adjust accordingly. If you are using more than one sponge in your filter, it’s best to stagger the cleans. Wash one sponge and wait until the next clean to rinse the other. This is to avoid losing too much good bacteria and causing ammonia and nitrite spikes in your tank.


Replace when your sponge starts to break down or loses its springiness.


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