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You’ve heard of salt on chips — but have you put salt in a fish tank? Every fish tank owner should buy aquarium salt to create an optimal environment for their finned friends. Of the many fish aquarium supplies available, it’s more vital than many may realise. As you peruse aquarium salt, bear in mind there are two major types on the market: rock salt and conditioning salt. Each one plays a different role in fish health.


Rock Salt for Aquariums


Rock salt may sound like something you sprinkle over deep-fried food, but rock salt for a freshwater aquarium helps to recreate the natural environment for your fish. Aquarium salt adds the essential minerals found in lakes and rivers back into tap water.


Aquarium Salt is also effective in promoting a healthy slime coat, which helps give your fish a protective barrier to fight infections. If a fish has come down with something like ich (white spot disease), you can add rock salt to create a saline environment, which can help alleviate stress and kill parasites. When using rock salt for your aquarium, disperse cautiously: it may not suit some freshwater fish species — especially those sensitive to high salt concentrations — such as freshwater catfish, loaches and some tetras. Rock salt can also be used in aquariums with live plants, but needs to be dissolved in some water before being added to the tank.


Conditioning Salts for Aquariums


Conditioning salt (also called aquarium conditioning salt or aquarium salt mix) provides essential minerals and electrolytes necessary for the health and well-being of freshwater fish. It helps to replicate the natural mineral composition of freshwater, supporting osmoregulation and overall fish health. You should add it to your aquarium after water changes, as it maintains optimal mineral balance and electrolyte levels in fish. It’s safe for most freshwater tropical fish and goldfish when used as directed.


Tank Maintenance Beyond Salt for Fish


You can buy the best aquarium salt on the market, but salt is just the tip of the iceberg regarding aquarium water treatments. Like conditioning salts for aquariums, an aquarium water conditioner is essential when adding fresh tap water to your tank or pond. It should remove the chlorine and heavy metals found in tap water that could harm your fish! Speaking of nasties lurking in the water, your best defence against ammonia is an aquarium ammonia detoxifier, which will prevent your fishy friends from feeling green around the gills. To remove literal green from around the gills, though, you’ll need aquarium algae treatment, which will ward off the green algae and keep the water clear.


However clear your water may be, it won’t necessarily suit your fish. Some species have different pH requirements than others, so we have an aquarium pH buffer solution available. With this nifty product, you can adjust the water pH balance at will — like modifying the thermostat to suit the warm-blooded or the cold fish. We’ve thought of everything at Aquarium Kingdom.


Buy Aquarium Salt at Aquarium Kingdom


As a seasoned fish owner will know, aquarium salt is essential for fish as it provides the essential electrolytes of a natural habitat. Tap water alone can’t cut it. If you want your fish to thrive — not just survive — we recommend API aquarium salt or Aqua One tropical conditioning salts. If you’re unsure which salt would make the sweetest addition to your fish tank, you can always ask one of our fish-enthusiast staff members. We’re always happy to help at Aquarium Kingdom!


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